The Future of Student Collaboration

The Global Campus Network is an alliance of post-secondary institutions around the world, led by Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. We are creating the first truly collaborative and interactive international student media network, presenting a true student perspective on worldwide events and an outlet for high quality content produced by students today.

no more satellites needed!

With the latest internet based technologies, we now have the ability to prepare their students for live, worldwide productions. Satellite technology has always remained out of reach, financially, for most educational institutions. Global Campus Network partners are already working together to create live programming, in real time, with virtually no latency, using h.264 based internet technologies. Students are learning to collaborative produce international content in the same way they will in a global media marketplace.

Currently, we use high speed Internet connections to send HD video signals between locations with imperceptible delays. So far, the technologies we have tested allow for intercom, IFB, and multiple audio channels to be transmitted as well. Essentially, the prohibitive cost of satellite feeds is eliminated, without having to sacrifice the neccessities key to a professional production.

We also leverage the latest in post-production and digital technology to share our productions with each other across the globe, for airing on the web, campus television networks, digital signage systems, and traditional broadcasters in our respective countries.

We are seeking additional partners to join us. Current institutional partners include:

  • Ryerson University - Toronto, Canada
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism - Aarhus, Denmark
  • AUT (Auckland University of Technology) - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Rutgers University - New Jersey, USA
  • AISFM (Annapurna International School of Film and Media) - India
  • UJ (University of Johannesburg) - South Africa
  • TAU (Tel Aviv University) - Israel

the ballet stream!

The Global Campus Network helps to create a live collaborative Ballet called "Stream", between the National Ballet School of Canada and the Dutch National Ballet School for the Assemblée International 2013.


For more information on Global Campus Network, contact:

Associate Professor, RTA School of Media, RYERSON UNIVERSITY

For more information on The Global City, contact:

Associate Professor, RTA School of Media, RYERSON UNIVERSITY