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President's Commission on Student Engagement and Experience


Background of the Commission

President's Response to the Final Report of the President's Commission on Student Engagement and Experience

I am pleased to share with the Ryerson community the Final Report of the President’s Commission on Student Engagement and Experience.  The report was submitted on August 2, 2006 by Professor Susanne Williams, Chair of the Commission.  It is available on the website at

The Commission began its work earlier this year and over several months sought input from Ryerson students on the quality of their campus experience.  I gave the Commission a two-fold mandate: first, to determine from student responses the highest priorities for improving student life at Ryerson; and second, to make recommendations designed to take these priorities into consideration in campus development and the allocation of University resources.

I would like to thank all the students who participated, through Town Hall meetings, response forms and surveys.  Your input has been remarkable.  You have identified a set of important priorities, and the specific recommendations of the Report reflect those priorities.  Thank you also to the faculty and staff who took the time to provide valuable input and comment.  I am accepting all of the Commission’s recommendations in spirit and in principle, and most in their entirety.  The seven recommendations, and my response to each, are detailed below.

Everyone at Ryerson continues to embrace with enthusiasm and quick action the idea of a University that puts students first.  When the Commission delivered its Interim Report on March 13, 2006, the administration responded immediately by reflecting student priorities in The Quality Agenda: 2006-07 Ryerson University Budget.  The Commission’s Final Report reinforces the findings of the Interim Report and tells us that we are already heading in the right direction.  Over the past several months we have made great progress in many of the priority areas identified by our students: a higher level of academic quality and accountability; more study and gathering spaces; more efficient and respectful customer service; better communication with and between faculty, staff and students; and more focus on pride, reputation and community building.

Finally, I would like to thank Sue Williams and her team for their tremendous work.  The President’s Commission on Student Engagement and Experience has been an important step, along with student surveys such as NSSE and CUSC, in further strengthening the culture of student engagement across the whole University.  As we move forward, I am committed not only to acting on the specific recommendations of the Report, but also to ensuring that the student voice is always heard in setting goals and priorities.  We all have a part to play in continuously improving the quality of student life at Ryerson.

Sheldon Levy

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