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May 2016 – MAC Conference (photo by Clifton Li). 

May 2016 – 25 Year Club (photo by Clifton Li).  Click here to view additional photos from the event.

January 2017 - Welcome Back Party (photos by Clifton Li).  Click here for photo booth photos.

December 2016 - click here to see Tony Conte, Executive Director, Office of the VP Administration and Finance's video - Why I Work Here.

Ryerson Works: services that put people first
Administration & Finance Management Group

Janice Winton headshot

Janice Winton
Vice President, Administration & Finance

When I joined what was then Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in 1991, I could hardly have imagined that I would still be employed here over two decades later – let alone still loving my work. So many changes have occurred over those intervening years. As Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education, Ryerson University has grown not only in size but also quality.

In my previous roles as Ryerson’s Chief Financial Officer, and, Executive Director, Financial Services, I learned – among many other lessons – that strong organizations are built on trust and respect. Indeed, these are two of the essential ingredients of the dynamic People First culture that has been nurtured over the last few years across the university.

Now, in my new position as Vice President, Administration & Finance, I take great pride in working with a team of leaders who ensure the well-being of Ryerson’s people, infrastructure and finance. My Administration and Finance Management Group (AFMG) colleagues are unmatched leaders in their fields. They are responsible for everything from delivering modern computing and communication services to keeping our campus safe; from making healthy and delicious food available across campus to embedding equity, diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our operation. Uniting all the many things we do is a commitment to supporting Ryerson’s priorities and the fulfilment of its ambitious Academic Plan.

Janice Winton was appointed Vice President, Administration & Finance effective December 1, 2014. In this role, Janice oversees the Administration and Finance Management Group and its work in supporting Ryerson University’s priorities and continuing the development of a people-first environment for all students, faculty and staff. 

Prior to becoming Vice President, Janice was Executive Director, Financial Services (1991-2011) and named Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2012.

Before joining Ryerson in 1991 Janice held a number of finance and accounting positions including Vice President, Finance at York Finch General Hospital. Raised in the Bahamas, Janice’s first career was as a registered nurse. 

In addition to her formal role at Ryerson, Janice has served on numerous committees across the university and actively contributed to the well-being of her profession. In 2001, she chaired the annual conference of the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO), hosted at Ryerson. She was chair of the Council of Finance Officers – Universities of Ontario (COFO-UO) and a member of many of its committees. In 2012 she was honoured by COFU-UO with its Distinguished Leadership Award.

Janice is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA), a Ryerson Business graduate and holds a Master of Education (Higher Education) from the University of Toronto.

The Administration & Finance Management Group (AFMG) consists of eight non-academic units that work in partnership with colleagues across the university.  The group focuses on people, infrastructure and finance ensuring that students, faculty and staff can call Ryerson a vibrant place to learn and work.

The AFMG operates 24 hours a day. Their activities range from complex undertakings such as building the new Student Learning Centre, providing healthy, delicious and sustainable food in the cafeterias and student residences and managing the finances of the university, to everyday operations that include ensuring WIFI is up to speed, classrooms are turned over for the next group of students and the campus feels safe and welcoming.

The objective of the AFMG is to help every Ryersonian feel valued and empowered to do their work - whether it is to excel as a student, shine as top-notch researcher or win accolades as a staff member.


Whether celebrating diversity, supporting employees throughout their careers or ensuring a safe campus for all, putting people first is at the centre of everything AFMG does.


The teams strive to ensure everyone has access to modern, efficient and reliable facilities and communication systems for learning, teaching, scholarly research and creative work. 


Handling the finances of the university, paying suppliers, independently appraising processes, running the campus store and parking services – some of the many ways AFMG supports the Ryerson community.