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Office of the Vice President, Administration & Finance 

Janice Winton headshot

Janice Winton
Vice President, Administration & Finance

Tony Conte headshot

Tony Conte
Executive Director

Mary Anthony
Executive Assistant

Alyson Reader
Administrative Assistant

Administration and Finance Management Group

The Administration and Finance Management Group (AFMG) collaborates with partners across Ryerson to create and deliver services that help make our university such an outstanding institution. In support of the university's Academic Plan, our efforts focus on People, Infrastructure and Finance.

Whether celebrating diversity, supporting employees throughout their careers or ensuring a safe campus for all, putting people first is at the centre of everything AFMG does.

Christina Sass-Kortsak headshot

Christina Sass-Kortsak
Assistant Vice President
Human Resources

Tony Conte headshot

Tony Conte
Interim Director
Integrated Risk Management

The teams strive to ensure everyone has access to modern, efficient and reliable facilities and communication systems for learning, teaching, scholarly research and creative work. 

Saher Fazilat headshot

Saher Fazilat
Assistant Vice President
Facilities Management & Development

Brian Lesser headshot

Brian Lesser
Chief Information Officer
Computing & Communications Services

Handling the finances of the university, paying suppliers, independently appraising processes, running the campus store and parking services – some of the many ways AFMG supports the Ryerson community.

Joanne McKee headshot

Joanne McKee
Chief Financial Officer
Financial Services

Scott Clarke headshot

Scott Clarke
Chief Internal Auditor
Internal Audit Services

Voula Cocolakis

Voula Cocolakis
Executive Director
University Business Services