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The minimum penalty for academic misconduct on any assignment or other form of evaluation is a grade reduction, on any academic work assigned by the instructor, as appropriate. A mark of zero “0” on the work falls within the category of grade reduction. As a consequence of any determination of academic misconduct, a Disciplinary Notice (DN) will be placed on the student’s academic record, but not on their official transcript.




Episode 1: Click here to play

Episode 1: Plagiarism

In episode one Allison finds herself at a crossroad. It's late at night and she's only scratched the surface of her psychology essay. But being the tenacious student she is, Allison blazes on. She even manages to thwart Jared's spicy Thai-food temptation. But will that be enough for her to triumph over her first-year fatigue? Will she persevere and maintain her academic integrity?


Episode 2: Click here to play

Episode 2: Buying or Borrowing Course Work

When Nikki and Sanford spot a sinister postering guy they decide to shadow him and take down his recent handy work. Meanwhile Jared lets his feelings for Allison slip when he expresses his concern over Allison's academic integrity. But when all four of them find themselves face to face Sanford and Nikki's integrity come into question.

Episode 3: Click here to play

Episode 3: Cheating On Tests and Exams

In episode three Jared learns the value of schedules and time-management. If only he had known - he wouldn't now have to be fighting off little conscience hallucinations. Will Jared play the ring leader? Or will he live out his days drooling uncontrollably?

Episode 4: Click here to play

Episode 4: Forging/Misrepresentation

On a typical Sunday night the ever-studious Sanford and Nikki find themselves quietly studying for an exam. If only they lived in a more Jared-free house their night might have continued that way. Will Jared convince Sanford to help him based on the fact that he's 'almost a doctor?' Will Nikki's loving sarcasm be enough to pull Jared's head out of the clouds?

Episode 5: Click here to play

Episode 5: Group Work and General 

Nikki comes home from school stressed out over her group's idea of how they can lighten their workload by splitting their report-writing duties. Can the others manage to convince Nikki that expressing her feelings to her group will solve her problem? Will Jared ever be able to win a game of Jenga against Allison?

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