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International Visits

A Ryerson representative may be visiting your high school or attending an education fair near you!

Each year, our recruitment team travels extensively to meet with prospective students and families. As these events are scheduled, we will post them here, so check back frequently for updates.

Contact Carly at to learn more about how to arrange a virtual visit to your school.


Date Venue City
March 20-21 Applicant Reception


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Date Venue City
February 18 ICIEP Fair, Moscow
February 19 ICIEP Fair, Moscow
St. Petersburg
Date Venue City
March 22-24 Applicant Reception
Port of Spain


Date Venue City
February 2-6 TBD

For one-on-one appointments, contact Salisha at

Date Venue City
March 18 Student World Fair
March 20-24 International Education Week
Date Venue City
April 13 NACAC College Fair
Inland Empire, CA
April 20 NACAC College Fair Los Angeles, CA
April 23 NACAC College Fair Orange County, CA
April 24 California Out-of-State College Fairs
Santa Anita, CA
April 25 NACAC College Fair San Diego, CA
April 26 NACAC College Fair Ventura, CA
April 27 California Out-of-State College Fairs Cerritos, CA
April 29 NACAC College Fair San Francisco, CA
Date Venue City
February 25 NACAC College Fair Tampa, FL
February 26 NACAC College Fair Miami, FL
April 3 Barrington High School Barrington, IL
April 4 Forest View High School Arlington Heights, IL
Date Venue City
March 12-13 NACAC College Fair Rochester, NY
March 15-16 NACAC College Fair Buffalo, NY
March 26 NACAC College Fair New York, NY
March 26 NACAC College Fair Detroit, MI
Date Venue City
April 13 NACAC College Fair Houston, TX
Date Venue City
April 1 IB Mid Atlantic Fair
Woodbridge, VA
Date Venue City
March 25 IDP Overseas Study Exhibition
March 26 IDP Overseas Study Exhibition Ho Chi Minh City
March 27 IDP Overseas Study Exhibition Danang

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