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John P. Enright, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Office:ENG 142, George Vari Engineering and Computing Center
Phone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 4174
Fax: (416) 979-5056

Research Interests:

Spacecraft Sensor Design                          
Systems Engineering
Signal Processing                                           
Flight Software Engineering

Current Research Project(s):

Cost-Effective Spacecraft Sensor Design

The performance and price of sensors and avionics suitable for small- and micro-satellite missions is an interesting area of inquiry. Although performance, power-consumption and mass have typically driven innovation in these components, the price of a single sensor can inhibit otherwise feasible missions. We are developing high-fidelity performance models of typical avionics and sensor configurations for different mission types. Comparing cost, capability and performance allows us to identify specific market opportunities for new devices and present design approaches to fill these gaps.

In addition to strategic studies, we are also looking at specific methods to the improve cost-effectiveness of sensor systems. Our current investigation concerns the application of parametric signal processing algorithms to enhance the resolution of digital sun-sensors. Thus, we can make use of models of expected sensor response to improve the accuracy of the processed attitude measurements. New algorithms are validated through simulation and laboratory testing.

Selected Publications:

Enright, J., Godard, "Advanced Sun-Sensor Processing and Design for Super-Resolution Performance", IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, Montana, March 2006
Enright, J, Godard, "Super-Resolution Techniques for Sun-Sensor Processing? submitted to IEEE Transactions on Aerospace Systems.
Hilstad, M., Enright, J., Saenz-Otero, A., "The SPHERES Guest Scientist Program: Collaborative Science on the ISS", IEEE Aerospace Conference, March 6-13 2004, Big Sky, Montana
Enright, J., Sedwick, R., Miller, D., "High Fidelity Simulation for Spacecraft Autonomy Development", Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, Vol.48, No. 1, March 2002.
Key Words:Spacecraft Sensors, Signal Processing, Space Systems Engineering, Flight Software Engineering, Avionics, Satellite Engineering