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Service Learning Subsite

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Service Learning


Poverty, educational access, food security, ecological sustainability...just a few of the social issues facing communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).   Service learning (SL) provides students with opportunities to get involved and learn how they can make a difference in the community.

Service learning is a type of experiential learning “…that integrates service in the community with intentional learning activities.  Within effective [service learning] efforts, members of both educational institutions and community organizations work together toward outcomes that are mutually beneficial.” (Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning). SL differs from other types of experiential learning approaches (such as volunteering, internships) by its intention to benefit equally the provider and recipient of the service and to ensure equal focus on both the service being provided and the learning that is occurring (Furco, 1996).

In the Faculty of Arts, Service Learning is both course-based (curricular) and co-curricular (that is, not linked to course credit but complementary to students’ academic studies). Service Learning is facilitated through individual and collective critical reflection that helps students integrate service experiences with specific learning objectives. 

The Faculty of Arts Student Experience Centre team works with faculty, community partners, and students to ensure high-quality and mutually beneficial curricular and co-curricular service learning experiences.  Contact us to see how you can become involved.

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