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HOME Liberal Studies Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies

Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain courses cannot be taken for Liberal Studies credit in some programs. Students are responsible for ensuring they do not enrol in a restricted course.

Please see Table A - Lower Level Restrictionsfor more information.

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Also, courses may be cancelled due to low enrolment. Consult the Liberal Studies Course Offerings webpage for the most up-to-date course offering information.

All Liberal Studies courses are identified as lower-level (LL) or upper-level (UL) in the course description.

ANT 100 Introduction to Anthropology
ARB 101 Introductory Arabic I
ARB 201 Introductory Arabic II
BLG 181 Biology of a Living City
BMS 150 Introduction to the Human Genome
CHN 101 Introductory Chinese I
CHN 201 Introductory Chinese II
CHY 182 Chemistry Applications to Living Systems
CHY 183 Introduction to Forensic Sciences
CRB 100 Introduction to the Caribbean
CRM 101 Understanding Crime in Canadian Society
ECN 110 The Economics of Markets
ECN 205 Issues in Economic History
ECN 210 Inflation and Unemployment in Canada
ECN 340 The Economics of Human Behaviour
ECN 440 Booms, Busts, Panics and Manias
ENG 101 Laughter and Tears: Comedy and Tragedy
ENG 104 The Short Story
ENG 112 Zap, Pow, Bang: Pop Lit
ENG 201 Myth and Literature
ENG 203 The Literature of Native Peoples
ENG 204 Literatures of Immigration
ENG 212 Cultures in Crisis
FRE 101 Introductory French I
FRE 201 Introductory French II
FRS 102 Francophone Detective Fiction
GEO 106 Geographies of Everyday Life
GEO 108 Geography of the Global Village
GEO 110 The Physical Environment
GEO 206 Regions, Nations and the Global Community
GEO 208 Geography of the Global Economy
GEO 210 Geography of Danger
GEO 312 Viva Las Vegas!
HST 110 U.S. History: Colonial Era to 1877
HST 111 World Turned Upside Down: Europe 1350-1789
HST 112 East Meets West: Asia in the World
HST 119 Rise of Empires: History Through Film
HST 210 U.S. History: 1877 to the Present
HST 211 Century of Revolution: Europe 1789-1914
HST 219 Decolonization: History Through Film
HST 222 The History of The Caribbean
HST 307 Canada to 1885: The Founding Societies
HST 325 History of Science and Technology I
HST 328 Multiple Ontarios: 1784 to the Present
HST 407 Canada from 1885: The Struggle for Identity
HST 425 History of Science and Technology II
HST 426 Major Themes in International Relations
HST 488 Britain since 1815
IRL 100 Intro to World Art I: Pictorial Arts
IRL 200 Introduction to World Textile History
ITM 277 Intro to Information Technology and Society
LNG 111 Language and Identity
LNG 112 Language: Spoken and Written
LNG 113 Language and Public Life
LNG 121 Language and Society
MEC 110 Energy and the Environment
MUS 101 Intro to World and Early European Music
MUS 105 Voices Without Borders: Global Chorus
MUS 106 The Architecture of Music
MUS 201 Introduction to Classical Music
NPF 188 Masterpieces of Literature on Film
PCS 111 Physics in the News
PCS 181 Introduction to Astronomy
PCS 182 Life in the Milky Way Galaxy
PHL 101 Plato and the Roots of Western Philosophy
PHL 110 Philosophy of Religion I
PHL 187 Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHL 201 Problems in Philosophy
PHL 214 Critical Thinking I
PHL 306 Freedom, Equality, Limits of Authority
PHL 333 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHL 365 Philosophy of Beauty
PHL 366 Existentialism and Art and Culture
PHL 406 Issues of Life, Death and Poverty
POL 106 The Politics of Human Needs
POL 128 Politics and Film
POL 129 Immigration and Settlement in Canada
POL 203 Politics of the Environment
POL 208 Globalization and World Politics
PSY 105 Perspectives in Psychology
PSY 304 Psychology of Gender
PSY 308 Psychology of Thinking
RTA 180 Music and Film
RTA 406 Chinese Instrumental Music
RTA 441 Music of India
RTA 474 Gospel Music: Songs for the Spirit
RTA 484 Music of West Africa
SEM 101 Sign, Sense and Meaning
SOC 102 Human Origins
SOC 103 How Society Works
SOC 108 Indigenous Peoples and Decolonization
SOC 202 Popular Culture
SOC 203 Social Class and Inequality
SOC 305 Sociology of Deviance
SPN 101 Introductory Spanish I
SPN 201 Introductory Spanish II
THL 100 Theatre and the Canadian Identity
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

ARB, CHN, FRE, and SPN courses normally require a placement assessment.

Contact the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures for details about the process or visit the department's website at http://www.ryerson.ca/llc.

Upper Level Liberal Studies ARB, CHN, FRE and SPN courses can be directed, instead, to fulfill Lower Level Liberal Studies Requirements.

LNG: Language and Writing Courses

There are three Lower Level Liberal Studies courses designed for students whose first language is not English:

LNG 111 Language and Identity
LNG 112 Language: Spoken and Written
LNG 113 Language and Public Life

These courses require a placement test, which can be found athttp://www.ryerson.ca/french/englishtest.html or by permission from Marju Toomsalu, EAL Programs Director(mtoomsal@ryerson.ca; ext. 4196).

LNG 111, LNG 112 and LNG 113 are available to students who have been assessed as likely to benefit from intensive language and writing courses. Students for whom English is a second language and who are enrolled in programs that accept ESL courses for credit may take all three ESL courses, LNG 111, 112, and 113. However, a maximum of two credits only may be used towards their degree requirements.

There is one Lower Level Liberal Studies course designed for undergraduate students wishing to improve their writing skills: LNG 121, Language and Society. No Placement test is required for this course.

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