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2015-2016 Undergraduate Calendar
HOME Liberal Studies Table B - Upper Level Liberal Studies

Table B - Upper Level Liberal Studies

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain courses may not be taken for Liberal Studies credit in some programs.

Students are responsible for ensuring they do not enrol in a restricted course.

Please see Table B - Upper Level Restrictions for more information.

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Also, courses may be cancelled due to low enrolment. Consult the Liberal Studies Course Offerings website for the most up-to-date course offering information.

All Liberal Studies courses are identified as lower-level (LL) or upper-level (UL) in the course description.

ARB 301 Intermediate Arabic I
ARB 401 Intermediate Arabic II
BLG 599 Biology Facts in Pop Media Sci-Fiction
BLG 699 Social Factors in Drug Development
CHN 301 Intermediate Chinese I
CHN 401 Intermediate Chinese II
CHN 501 Advanced Chinese I
CHN 601 Advanced Chinese II
CHY 583 Alternative Energies
CHY 599 The Business of Chemistry and Biology
CLD 500 A Caring World for Children
CMN 601 Visual Communication: A Critical Approach
CPS 650 Computational Thinking in Our World
CRB 500 Families in the Caribbean
CRB 501 Racism and Caribbean Peoples in Canada
CRB 502 Cultural Traditions in the Caribbean
CRM 601 Violence in Society
DST 500 A History of Madness
ECN 503 Economic Development
ECN 505 Issues in Canadian Labour Markets
ECN 507 Economic Justice
ECN 509 Development of the Canadian Banking and Financial System
ECN 511 Economy and Environment
ECN 603 Canada and Global Economic Issues
ECN 607 Issues in the International Economy
ECN 722 The Economics of Sports
ECN 802 The Economies of East Asia
ENG 503 Science Fiction
ENG 504 The Modern in Literature 1900-1945
ENG 505 Creative Writing
ENG 507 Science and the Literary Imagination
ENG 510 Gothic Horror
ENG 511 The Art of Writing Life
ENG 602 Women's Writing
ENG 604 The Contemporary in Literature: Post 1945
ENG 610 The Language of Love, Sex and Gender
ENG 620 English Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
ENG 630 Asian Literatures and Cultures
FRE 301 Intermediate French I
FRE 401 Intermediate French II
FRE 501 Speaking and Writing French I
FRE 503 Middle Ages to Classicism
FRE 505 Language and Culture I
FRE 507 English-French Translation I
FRE 508 Intro to 20th C French Literature I
FRE 509 Franco-Canadian Literature I
FRE 510 Effective Writing I
FRE 516 Politics and Play in French Poetry
FRE 601 Speaking and Writing French II
FRE 603 Enlightenment to La Belle Époque
FRE 605 Language and Culture II
FRE 607 English-French Translation II
FRE 608 Intro to 20th C French Literature II
FRE 609 Franco-Canadian Literature II
FRE 610 Effective Writing II
FRE 701 French in the Media I
FRE 703 French Theatre: Classicism to Romanticism
FRE 704 Intro to Franco-Canadian Culture I
FRE 706 The Life and Times of the French Language
FRE 707 Introduction to French-English Translation
FRE 709 Children's Literature in French
FRE 801 French in the Media II
FRE 803 French Theatre: 20th C and Contemporary
FRE 804 Intro to Franco-Canadian Culture II
FRE 901 Francophone Women Writers
FRE 902 Gender and Decadence 1850-1920
FRE 903 The Francophone Short Story
FRS 501 Women and the Arts in 19th Century France
FRS 502 Feminism and French Literature
FRS 602 French Caribbean Literature and Culture
GEO 505 Regional Analysis of Canada
GEO 507 Explorations of the Urban Environment
GEO 509 Food, Place and Identity
GEO 520 Global Political Geography
GEO 605 The Geography of the Canadian North
GEO 607 Cities and the Canadian Economic Landscape
GEO 609 cyberspace@geography.ca
GEO 620 Political Geog of Nations and Localities
GEO 702 Technology and the Contemporary Environment
GEO 716 Geographies of Health
GEO 720 The Inner Landscape of Culture
GEO 793 The Geography of Toronto
GEO 802 The Geography of Recreation and Leisure
GEO 811 Global Environmental Issues
GEO 820 The Outer Landscape of Culture
HST 501 The American Civil War
HST 503 Crime and Punishment in Modern Canada
HST 504 War to War: World Conflict 1900-45
HST 510 The United States after 1945
HST 511 Quebec in Canada: A History
HST 522 The Middle East: 1908 to the Present
HST 526 Women and Gender in U.S. History
HST 527 Toronto: Wilderness to Metropolis
HST 532 Elizabethan England
HST 533 Africa Before 1850
HST 540 Espionage: A Modern History
HST 541 Unknown Canada: Rebels, Rioters, Strikers
HST 551 Problems in 20th-Century Western Europe
HST 555 Late Qing and Republican China, 1839-1949
HST 580 Natives and Newcomers to 1763
HST 584 Mediaeval Europe: 400-1400
HST 585 Southeast Asia: War and Peace since 1945
HST 587 Britain, 1688-1815
HST 602 The History of Modern Propaganda
HST 603 The Third Reich
HST 604 The Uneasy Peace: The Cold War, 1945-90
HST 610 The Rise of the American Empire
HST 632 England in the 17th Century
HST 633 Modern Africa
HST 641 Protest in Canada since 1870
HST 651 Problems in 20th-Century Eastern Europe
HST 655 People's Republic of China, 1949-Present
HST 657 Culture/Politics of Difference in the U.S.
HST 658 Sex in the American City
HST 680 Natives and Newcomers from 1763
HST 701 Scientific Technology and Modern Society
HST 702 The First World War
HST 711 Canada and the United States
HST 712 The American City
HST 731 Renaissance and Reform: Europe 1350-1650
HST 777 Medicine from Antiquity to 1500 CE
HST 786 Science and Technology in Islamic History
HST 787 Astronomy vs Astrology
HST 788 Water Use in History
HST 789 British Society since 1939
HST 802 The Second World War
HST 807 The Canadian Revolution: Canada 1968-2000
HST 811 The Holocaust
INT 555 Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
IRL 500 Modern and Contemporary Art, Design
MTH 511 Limitations of Measurement
MTH 599 Foundations of Mathematical Thought
MUS 501 Traditional Musics of the World
MUS 505 Popular Music and Culture
MUS 507 Architecture of Music II
PCS 581 Advanced Topics in Astronomy
PHL 500 Philosophy of the Natural Environment
PHL 501 Social Thought and the Critique of Power
PHL 503 Ancient and Modern Ethics
PHL 504 Philosophy of Art
PHL 505 Hegel and Marx
PHL 509 Bioethics
PHL 550 Knowledge, Truth and Belief
PHL 551 Metaphysics
PHL 552 Philosophy of Science
PHL 553 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHL 603 Modern and Contemporary Ethics
PHL 605 Existentialism
PHL 606 Philosophy of Love and Sex
PHL 611 Philosophy of Mind
PHL 612 Philosophy of Law
PHL 614 Philosophy of Human Rights
PHL 708 Introduction to Modern Philosophy
PHL 709 Religion, Science and Philosophy
PHL 710 Philosophy and Film
PHL 808 Language and Philosophy
PHL 922 Religious Belief, Diversity, and Truth
PHL 923 Philosophy of Religion II
PHL 924 Critical Thinking II
POL 501 Women, Power and Politics
POL 507 Power, Change and Technology
POL 510 The Politics of Sexual Diversity
POL 511 Well-being and Opportunity in Canada
POL 540 Issues in Third World Politics
POL 588 Neoliberalism and its Alternatives
POL 601 Social Movements and Politics
POL 607 Politics of Technology and Globalization
POL 688 Colonialism and Imperialism
POL 720 Canada in North America
PSY 504 Social Psychology
PSY 505 Personality Theory
PSY 604 Issues in Psychology
PSY 606 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 607 Drugs and Human Behaviour
PSY 614 Psychology of Sport
PSY 615 The Psychology of Belief and Skepticism
PSY 620 Psychology of Immigration
PSY 621 Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSY 706 Personal Growth and Positive Psychology
PSY 707 Models of Stress and Adaptation
PSY 713 Psychology of Perception
PSY 807 Psychology of Prejudice
PSY 813 Psychology of Art and Creativity
RTA 530 Chinese Music
SEM 102 Introduction to Visual Semiotics
SOC 501 Making a Living: Sociology of Work
SOC 503 Sociology of Education
SOC 505 Sociology of Sport
SOC 506 Health and Society
SOC 507 Race and Ethnicity in Canadian Society
SOC 601 Control and Resistance at Work
SOC 603 Sociology of Gender
SOC 633 Sex, Gender Identities and Sexualities
SOC 701 Social Change: Canadian Perspectives
SOC 702 Anatomy of Human Conflict
SOC 703 Women, Power and the Global South
SOC 704 Aging, Culture and Society
SOC 705 Law and Justice
SOC 707 Religion, Meaning and Power
SOC 800 Theories of Society
SOC 801 Global Power Relations
SOC 802 Issues in War and Peace
SOC 808 Sociology of Food and Eating
SOC 880 Information Technology and Society
SOC 885 Women and Islam
SOC 902 Hollywood and Society
SPN 301 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN 401 Intermediate Spanish II
SPN 501 Advanced Spanish I
SPN 510 Spanish Grammar for Native Speakers
SPN 601 Advanced Spanish II
SPN 610 Spanish Gram. for Native Speakers II
SPN 704 Introduction to Latin American Culture I
SPN 705 The Boom in Latin American Literature
SPN 707 Spanish-English Translation
SPN 708 Contemporary Spanish Fiction
SPN 710 Spanish of Spain and Latin America
SPN 803 Latin American Short Story
SPN 804 Introduction to Latin American Culture II
SPN 810 Cultural Context of Writing
SPS 502 Spanish Caribbean Literature and Culture
SPS 503 Sex in the Early Modern City
SSH 505 Making the Future
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

FRS 501, FRS 502, FRS 602 and SPS 502 are delivered in English. ARB, CHN, FRE, and SPN courses normally require a placement assessment. See Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures for details about the process or visit the department's website at www.ryerson.ca/llc

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