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2015-2016 Undergraduate Calendar
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Open Elective Table

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain courses cannot be taken for Open Elective credit in some programs. Please see Open Elective Table Restrictions for more information. 

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Also, courses may be cancelled due to low enrolment.

ASC 102 The Built World
ASC 103 The Built Context
ASC 733 Canadian Architecture Since 1945
ASC 750 Architecture and Public Policy
ASC 751 Architectural Writing
ASC 752 Business Practices in the AEC Industry
ASC 753 Contemporary Theories of Urbanism
ASC 850 Globalization and Construction
ASC 851 How Buildings Work
ASC 852 Landscape Ecological Design
ASC 855 Sustainable Ratings Systems

BCH 261 Biochemistry
BCH 361 Advanced Biochemistry I
BLG 143 Biology I
BLG 144 Biology II
BLG 151 Microbiology I
BLG 230 Botany
BLG 251 Microbiology II
BLG 311 Cell Biology
BLG 312 Invertebrate Zoology
BLG 315 Evolution
BLG 316 Zoology
BLG 351 Applied Microbiology
BLG 400 Genetics
BLG 408 Viruses
BLG 411 Cell Biology II
BLG 600 Physiology
BLG 700 Anatomy
BLG 707 Entomology
BSM 100 The New Business: From Idea to Reality
BSM 200 The Growing Business: Breaking Even
BSM 600 The Mature Business

CHY 103 General Chemistry I
CHY 113 General Chemistry II
CHY 142 Organic Chemistry I
CHY 213 Analytical Chemistry I
CHY 223 Analytical Chemistry II
CHY 242 Organic Chemistry II
CHY 330 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
CHY 331 Basic Chromatography
CHY 339 Characterization of Organic Compounds
CHY 344 Inorganic Chemistry
CHY 381 Physical Chemistry I
CHY 382 Physical Chemistry II
CHY 423 Environmental Science
CHY 431 Applied Analytical Chemistry
CHY 434 Analytical Chemistry of Complex Samples
CHY 435 Advanced Chemical Instrumentation
CHY 436 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
CHY 437 Organic Chemistry
CHY 445 Materials Chemistry
CHY 449 Inorganic Chemistry II
CHY 501 Polymer Chemistry
CHY 502 Organometallic Chemistry
CHY 599* The Business of Chemistry and Biology
CHY 600 Organic Reaction Mechanisms
CHY 706 Computational Chemistry
CLD 231 Families in Canadian Context I
CLD 332 Families in Canadian Context II
CLD 435 Theory and Practice of Family Support
CLD 448 Childhood in a Global Context
CLD 450 Indigenous Early Learning
CLD 500* A Caring World for Children
CMN 279 Introduction to Professional Communication
CMN 305 Strategic Public Relations in Prof Comm
CMN 306 Risk and Crisis Communication
CMN 314 Professional Presentations
CMN 315 Issues in Communication and the Contemporary Workplace
CMN 316 Questioning Numbers
CMN 317 Governance in the Information Society
CMN 406 Communication in an Indigenous Context
CMN 413 Corporate Communications
CMN 414 Interpersonal Communication in Management
CMN 443 Contemporary Intercultural Communication
CMN 447 Communication and Law
CPS 109 Computer Science I
CPS 118 Introductory Programming for Scientists
CPS 125 Digital Computation and Programming
CPS 209 Computer Science II
CPS 213 Computer Organization I
CPS 305 Data Structures and Algorithms
CPS 311 Object Oriented Programming and Design
CPS 313 Advanced Programming for Scientists
CPS 314 Graphical Modeling
CPS 315 Database Applications for Scientists
CPS 393 Introduction to C and UNIX
CPS 406 Introduction to Software Engineering
CPS 411 Data Structures for Scientists
CPS 501 Bioinformatics
CPS 506 Comparative Programming Languages
CPS 510 Database Systems I
CPS 511 Computer Graphics
CPS 513 Introduction to Multimedia Computation
CPS 530 Web Systems Development
CPS 590 Introduction to Operating Systems
CPS 606 Advanced Computer Organization
CPS 607 Autonomous Mobile Robotics
CPS 610 Database Systems II
CPS 613 Human-Computer Interaction
CPS 615 Theory of Parsing
CPS 616 Advanced Algorithms
CPS 621 Introduction to Multimedia Systems
CPS 630 Web Applications
CPS 633 Computer Security
CPS 706 Computer Networks I
CPS 707 Software Verification and Validation
CPS 710 Compilers and Interpreters
CPS 713 Applied Cryptography
CPS 714 Software Project Management
CPS 716 Computer Networks II
CPS 721 Artificial Intelligence I
CPS 730 Web Technology and Performance Measurement
CPS 731 Software Engineering I
CPS 750 Telecomm Networks: Wireless Systems
CPS 752 Parallel Computer Systems
CPS 801 Operating Systems
CPS 811 Distributed Systems and Networks
CPS 813 Human Robot Interaction
CPS 815 Analysis of Algorithms
CPS 831 Software Engineering II
CPS 832 Mainframe Systems
CPS 842 Information Retrieval and Web Search
CPS 843 Introduction to Computer Vision
CPS 844 Data Mining
CPS 845 Extreme Programming and Agile Processes
CPS 883 Compilers
CPS 888 Software Engineering
CRB 600 Postcolonial Caribbean Society
CRB 605 Caribbean Tourism: Impacts and Resistance
CRB 614 Caribbean Critical Thought
CRI 400 Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries
CRI 410 Government and Advocacy
CRI 420 From Writer to Reader
CRI 430 Canadian Media/Entertainment Industries
CRI 500 Project Management
CRI 510 Art and Business of Gaming
CRI 520 Design Management
CRI 530 Talent Management
CRI 540 Marketing the Creative Industries
CRI 550 The Book in Canada
CRI 560 Topics in Creative Industries 
CRI 610 Public Relations and the Press
CRI 620 Live Entertainment and Event Marketing
CRI 630 Advertising Theory and Practice
CRI 640 Global Cultural/Entertainment Marketplace
CRI 650 The Business of Book Publishing
CRI 660 Ethical Issues and Practices
CRI 700 Human Resources in Creative Industries
CRI 720 Media Regulation and Communication Policy
CRI 730 Strategic Leadership in Cr. Industries
CRI 750 Emerging Technologies in Cyberspace
CRI 820 Global Licensing/Distribution Agreements
CRI 830 Cultural Policy
CRI 840 Management of Soft Innovation
CRM 100 Introduction to Canadian Criminal Justice
CRM 102 Introduction to Criminology
CRM 200 Criminal Law
CRM 202 Victims and the Criminal Process
CRM 205 Gender, Sexuality and the Law
CRM 206 Race, Ethnicity and Justice
CRM 300 Policing in Canada
CRM 302 Criminological Theories
CRM 310 Advanced Research Methods
CRM 312 Representing Crime
CRM 318 Violence and Communities
CRM 322 Ethics in Criminal Justice

DST 500* A History of Madness
DST 506 Making Ontario Accessible

ECN 104 Introductory Microeconomics
ECN 129 Statistics for Economics I
ECN 189 Introduction to Mathematics for Economics
ECN 204 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECN 220 Evolution of the Global Economy
ECN 230 Mathematics for Economics
ECN 301 Intermediate Macroeconomics I
ECN 320 Introduction to Financial Economics
ECN 321 Introduction to Law and Economics
ECN 329 Statistics for Economics II
ECN 501 Industrial Organization
ECN 502 Economics of Energy and Natural Resources
ECN 504 Intermediate Microeconomics I
ECN 506 Money and Banking
ECN 510 Environmental Economics
ECN 600 Intermediate Macroeconomics II
ECN 601 The Economics of Information
ECN 605 Labour Economics
ECN 606 International Monetary Economics
ECN 614 An Introduction to Game Theory
ECN 627 Econometrics I
ECN 640 The Economics of Immigration
ECN 700 Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECN 702 Econometrics II
ECN 703 Public Sector Economics
ECN 707 Economics of International Trade
ECN 710 Transportation Economics
ECN 715 Advanced Microeconomics
ECN 721 International Financial Markets
ECN 801 Principles of Engineering Economics
ECN 803 Canadian Tax Policy
ECN 808 Economic Growth and Technological Change
ECN 815 Advanced Macroeconomics
ECN 821 Country Risk Analysis
ENG 108 Introduction to Fiction
ENG 200 Writing as a Cultural Act
ENG 208 Introduction to Non-Fiction
ENG 222 Fairy Tales and Fantasies
ENG 224 Children's Literature
ENG 413 Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures
ENG 416 American Literatures
ENG 421 16C Literature and Culture
ENG 422 17C Literature and Culture
ENG 520 The Language of Persuasion
ENG 530 Literary Non-Fiction
ENG 531 18C Literature and Culture I
ENG 532 18C Literature and Culture II
ENG 540 The Novel
ENG 550 Drama
ENG 560 Poetry and Poetics
ENG 570 Auto/Biography
ENG 580 The Gothic
ENG 590 Studies in Word and Image
ENG 621 Women's Texts, Global Contexts
ENG 624 20C Literature and Culture I
ENG 626 20C Literature and Culture II
ENG 632 19C Literature and Culture I
ENG 633 19C Literature and Culture II
ENG 701 Canadian Literatures
ENG 703 Popular Literatures
ENG 705 Studies in Visual Cultures
ENG 706 Shakespeare and Performance
ENG 720 Principles of Persuasion
ENG 730 The Social Life of Books
ENG 888 Televisual Texts and Contexts
ENG 921 Narrative in a Digital Age
ENG 941 Gender and Sex in Literature and Culture
ENG 942 Postcolonial Interventions
ENH 121 Health Law
ENH 122 Introduction to Epidemiology
ENH 220 Foundations of Pathophysiology
ENH 429 International Health
ENH 440 Biostatistics
ENH 522 Epidemiology: Research Methods
ENH 617 Applied Ecology
ENH 712 Health Education
ENH 816 Health Promotion: Planning and Evaluation
ENH 825 Risk Assessment
ENT 500 New Venture Startup
ENT 501 Family Business in Canada
ENT 505 Small-Business Management
ENT 526 Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy
ENT 601 Identifying Opportunities
EUS 102 Environment and Sustainability
EUS 202 Sustaining the City's Environments
EUS 650 Waste and Waste Management
EUS 750 Sustainable Trans and Energy Strategies
EUS 760 Cities at Risk
EUS 850 Sustainability in Organizations
EUS 860 Measuring Sustainability
EUS 870 Ecological Restoration

FIN 205 Islamic Finance
FIN 300 Managerial Finance I
FIN 401 Managerial Finance II
FIN 501 Investment Analysis
FIN 502 Personal Financial Planning
FIN 510 Small Business Finance
FIN 512 Risk Management and Insurance
FIN 521 Advanced Investment Management
FIN 562 Personal Finance
FIN 601 Derivatives
FIN 610 Short-Term Financial Management
FIN 611 Fixed Income Securities
FIN 612 Retirement and Estate Planning
FIN 621 International Finance
FIN 631 Financial Modeling I
FIN 701 Financial Intermediation
FIN 710 Advanced Corporate Finance
FIN 731 Financial Modeling II
FIN 800 Ethics in Finance
FIN 810 Corporate Financial Analysis
FIN 812 Advanced Personal Financial Planning
FNA 100 Health and Physical Activity
FNA 201 Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment
FNA 202 Physical Activity and the Environment
FNA 300 Nutrition and Physical Activity
FNA 301 Exercise Intervention
FNF 400 The Social Context of Human Sexuality
FNY 400 Selected Topics in Food Security
FNY 403 Food Security Concepts and Principles
FNY 404 Food Policy and Programs for Food Security
FNY 405 Applied Research Methods and Evaluation
FNY 406 Food Prices and Food Security
FNY 407 Community Development and Food Security
FNY 408 Urban Food Security
FNY 409 Gender and Food Security
FRE 302 French Food, Wine and Hospitality
FRE 402 French Conversation and Pronunciation
FRE 502 Advanced Business French I
FRE 515 Introduction to Business French
FRE 602 Advanced Business French II
FRE 701* French in the Media I
FRE 801* French in the Media II
FSN 101 Textiles I
FSN 199 Fashion: The Industry
FSN 203 History of Design
FSN 223 Fashion Concepts and Theory
FSN 302 History of Costume I
FSN 503 Design, Text and Ideas
FSN 504 Fashion Culture - Suffragettes to CEO's
FSN 509 Topics in Fashion History and Theory
FSN 510 Fashion Film, Cinema and New Media
FSN 555 History of Fashion Illustration

GCM 110 Introduction to Graphic Communications
GCM 111 Graphic Communication Technologies
GCM 130 Design and Layout
GCM 210 Consumer Packaging
GCM 230 Typography
GCM 710 The Art of the Book
GEO 131 Energy, Earth and Ecosystems
GEO 151 Location, Location, Location
GEO 231 Principles of Demography
GEO 301 Marketing Geography
GEO 302 Retail Location
GEO 351 Internal Structure of the City
GEO 419 Retailing, GIS and Geodemographics
GEO 520* Global Political Geography
GEO 527 Inequalities in Urban Neighbourhoods
GEO 530 Urban Economic Geography
GEO 551 Urbanization and Regional Development
GEO 553 Studies in Rural Geography
GEO 581 GIS, Geographic Data and Mapping
GEO 620 Political Geog of Nations and Localities
GEO 627 Accessibility of Urban Social Services
GEO 681 GIS and Geographic Analysis
GEO 691 Canadian Immigration: Patterns and Place
GEO 703 Perspectives on Environmental Management
GEO 714 GIS for the Municipal Professional I
GEO 719 GIS in Business: Strategic Mgmt Decisions
GEO 724 GIS for the Municipal Professional II
GEO 803 Recreation and Tourism Analysis
GMS 200 Introduction to Global Management
GRA 320 Binding and Finishing I
GRA 322 Electronic Document Design I
GRA 420 Binding and Finishing II
GRA 422 Electronic Document Design II

HIM 300 Managing Health Information Services
HIM 301 Healthcare Information Analysis
HIS 104 Ten Days That Shook The World
HIS 105 Inventing Popular Culture
HIS 106 Technology, Warfare and Social Change
HIS 107 Colonization, Colonialism and Independence
HIS 238 Canada to 1885: Creating a Nation
HIS 248 American History to 1877
HIS 265 Asia: Foundations and Modern Nations
HIS 275 Ancient Greece and Rome
HIS 277 Mediaeval Europe, 400-1350
HIS 279 Europe, 1715-1870
HIS 338 Canada since 1885: Defining a Nation
HIS 348 American History from 1877
HIS 377 Europe, 1350-1715
HIS 379 Europe, 1870-Present
HIS 400 Reading, Writing and Using History
HIS 401 Hearing, Seeing and Speaking History
HIS 461 Cradle of Civilization: Ancient Near East
HIS 490 International Relations from 1945
HIS 500 History and New Media
HIS 501 Archaeology and Material Culture
HIS 502 Life Stories: Oral History
HIS 541 Canada and the First World War
HIS 556 Colonial Africa
HIS 559 Ancient Egypt
HIS 590 Modern International Relations
HIS 594 War to War: World Conflict, 1900-45
HIS 615 Film, Television and 20th C History
HIS 656 Post-Colonial Africa
HIS 662 The Mughal Empire, 1526-1764
HIS 677 Society in the High Middle Ages, 1000-1500
HIS 678 The Renaissance in Europe
HIS 683 Victorian Britain
HIS 696 The History of Terrorism
HIS 742 Canadian Cultural Industries
HIS 755 Material Cultures of North America
HIS 762 The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-1947
HIS 783 20th-Century Britain
HIS 790 Modern Germany
HIS 826 Science and World Exploration
HIS 828 Science, Corporations and the Environment
HIS 845 Canada in the International Sphere
HIS 886 The British Empire and the World
HIS 898 A History of International Organizations
HSM 301 The Healthcare Systems
HSM 305 The Management Cycle
HSM 306 Management Leadership and Decision-Making
HSM 307 Principles of Long Term Care Service Del.
HSM 308 Project Management - Long Term Care
HSM 309 Trends in Long Term Care Service Delivery
HSM 310 Institutional Structure
HSM 417 Research Methodology
HTI 746 Destination Management Systems
HTL 503 Meeting and Convention Management
HTT 202 Tourism Concepts
HTT 303 Travel Product Distribution
HTT 501 Introduction to the Gaming Industry
HTT 509 Issues/Policies in Hospitality/Tourism
HTT 510 Sustainable Tourism Development
HTT 605 Business Aspects of Incentive Travel
HTT 607 Event Management
HTT 622 Destination Management and Marketing

IDF 400 Introduction to World Textile History
IRL 100* Intro to World Art I: Pictorial Arts
IRL 200* Introduction to World Textile History
IRL 500* Modern and Contemporary Art, Design
ITM 100 Foundations of Information Systems
ITM 102 Business Information Systems I
ITM 200 Fundamentals of Programming
ITM 207 Computer-Enabled Problem Solving
ITM 277* Intro to Information Technology and Society
ITM 350 Concepts of e-Business

JRN 123 Ethics and Law in the Practice of Journalism (last offered 2016-17)
JRN 400 Critical Issues in Journalism
JRN 401 History of Journalism
JRN 402 Theory in Journalism and Mass Communications
JRN 403 Journalism and Ideas
JRN 404 Journalism's Best
JRN 405 Special Topics in Journalism Theory
JRN 406 Age of Spin: Journalism and PR
JRN 412 Documentary Survey
JRN 500 Journalism and the Arts
JRN 502 Journalism and the World of Business
JRN 504 Fashion Journalism
JRN 505 Health and Science Journalism
JRN 506 International Journalism
JRN 507 Justice and the Courts
JRN 508 Literary Journalism
JRN 509 Journalism and the Political Arena
JRN 510 Reporting Religion
JRN 512 Reporting Sports

LAW 122 Business Law
LAW 321 The Law of Hospitality and Tourism
LAW 326 Law for Health Managers
LAW 525 The Law of the Marketplace
LAW 529 Employment and Labour Law
LAW 533 Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law
LAW 534 Government Regulation of Business
LAW 535 Environmental Law and Business
LAW 601 Intellectual Property Law
LAW 602 White Collar and Cyber Crime
LAW 603 Advanced Business Law
LAW 604 Legal Foundations of Corporate Governance
LAW 605 Securities Law
LAW 606 Advanced Issues in Labour and Employment Law
LAW 703 Real Estate Law
LAW 723 Issues in Information Technology Law
LAW 724 Legal Aspects of International Business
LAW 725 Visiting Professor Law Seminar

MHR 405 Organizational Behaviour and Interpersonal Skills
MHR 522 Industrial Relations
MHR 523 Human Resources Management
MHR 721 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
MKT 100 Principles of Marketing
MKT 310 Marketing Plans
MKT 504 Effective Persuasion
MKT 510 Innovations in Marketing
MKT 723 Marketing in the Service Industry
MKT 828 Sport Marketing Concepts and Strategy
MKT 829 International Sport Marketing
MTH 110 Discrete Mathematics I
MTH 210 Discrete Mathematics II
MTH 330 Calculus and Geometry
MTH 404 Probability and Statistics II
MTH 430 Dynamic Systems Differential Equations
MTH 480 Probability and Statistics II
MTH 500 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
MTH 501 Numerical Analysis I
MTH 503 Operations Research I
MTH 510 Numerical Analysis
MTH 514 Probability and Stochastic Processes
MTH 525 Analysis
MTH 540 Geometry
MTH 560 Problem Solving
MTH 600 Computational Methods In Mathematics
MTH 601 Numerical Analysis II
MTH 603 Operations Research II
MTH 607 Graph Theory
MTH 609 Number Theory
MTH 617 Algebra
MTH 630 Mathematical Biology
MTH 640 Complex Analysis
MTH 700 Financial Mathematics I
MTH 707 Modelling and Searching Networks
MTH 710 Fourier Analysis
MTH 712 Partial Differential Equations
MTH 714 Logic and Computability
MTH 718 Design and Codes
MTH 719 Applied Linear Algebra
MTH 732 Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
MTH 800 Financial Mathematics II
MTH 814 Computational Complexity
MTH 816 Cryptography
MTH 817 Combinatorics
MTH 818 Topics in Algebra
MTH 820 Image Analysis
MTH 825 Topics in Analysis
MUS 101* Intro to World and Early European Music
MUS 105* Voices Without Borders: Global Chorus
MUS 106* The Architecture of Music
MUS 201* Introduction to Classical Music
MUS 211 Music Cultures of the City
MUS 300 Musicology
MUS 303 Global Guitar
MUS 401 Music, Religion and Spirituality
MUS 501* Traditional Musics of the World
MUS 505* Popular Music and Culture
MUS 507* Architecture of Music II

NNS 101 Introduction to News Studies
NNS 102 Understanding Multimedia Journalism
NNS 103 Basics of Photojournalism
NNS 502 Journalism and the World of Business
NNS 507 Justice and the Courts
NNS 510 Reporting Religion
NNS 525 The Business of Journalism
NPF 504 Technology, Culture and Communication I
NPF 505 Independent Cinema I
NPF 506 Contemporary Art History
NPF 507 Critical Theory
NPF 548 Modern Movements/Issues in Photography
NPF 549 Theories of Photography - Contemporary Topics
NPF 550 Contemporary Media Practices: A Survey
NPF 551 Interactivity and Networking
NPF 552 The Political Economy of Culture
NPF 553 Modern Movements in the Arts I
NPF 554 Modern Movements in the Arts II
NPF 555 Experimental Media
NPF 557 Topics in Film
NPF 558 Topics and Issues in Design
NPF 559 Advanced Topics in Curatorial Practices
NPF 560 Adv Topics in Film History and Theory
NPF 561 Adv Topics in New Media History and Theory
NPF 562 Media and Communication
NPF 563 Directors and Composers - 1940 to Present
NPF 564 Contemporary World Cinema
NPF 565 Contemporary Canadian Cinema
NPF 566 History of Animation
NPF 567 Exhibition Practices in Contemporary Art
NPF 568 Analogue as Meaning
NPF 569 Disaster Images: Memory and Response
NPF 604 Technology, Culture and Communication II
NPF 605 Independent Cinema II
NPF 606 Contemporary Art Theory
NPF 607 Cultural Studies

OHS 208 Occupational Health and Safety Law
OHS 319 Health Effects of Radiation
OHS 322 Introductory Toxicology
OHS 421 Occupational Hygiene Methods I
OHS 422 Advanced Toxicology
OHS 477 Integrated Disability Management
OHS 508 Occupational Health
OHS 608 Hazard Recognition and Control
OHS 718 Systems Management I

PCS 102 Physics Answers to Everyday Questions
PCS 106 Physics for the Health Sciences
PCS 107 The Natural Context
PCS 110 Physics
PCS 120 Physics I
PCS 125 Physics: Waves and Fields
PCS 130 Physics II
PCS 181* Introduction to Astronomy
PCS 182* Life in the Milky Way Galaxy
PCS 211 Physics: Mechanics
PCS 213 Physics: Light and Modern Physics
PCS 224 Solid State Physics
PCS 227 Biophysics
PCS 228 Electricity and Magnetism
PCS 229 Introduction to Medical Physics
PCS 230 Photonics and Optical Devices
PCS 300 Modern Physics
PCS 335 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PCS 350 Computational Methods in Medical Physics
PCS 352 Nuclear Physics/Radiation Protection
PCS 354 Radiation Biology
PCS 400 Quantum Physics I
PCS 405 Medical Imaging
PCS 406 Radiation Protection/Health Physics
PCS 407 Radiation Therapy
PCS 510 Fundamentals of Astrophysics
PCS 581* Advanced Topics in Astronomy
PHL 101* Plato and the Roots of Western Philosophy
PHL 110* Philosophy of Religion I
PHL 187* Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHL 201* Problems in Philosophy
PHL 214* Critical Thinking I
PHL 302 Ethics and Health Care
PHL 306* Freedom, Equality, Limits of Authority
PHL 307 Business Ethics
PHL 333* Philosophy of Human Nature
PHL 334 Ethics in Professional Life
PHL 365* Philosophy of Beauty
PHL 366* Existentialism and Art and Culture
PHL 400 Human Rights and Justice
PHL 401 Philosophy and Mass Culture
PHL 406* Issues of Life, Death and Poverty
PHL 420 Philosophy, Diversity and Recognition
PHL 444 Ethics in Health Services Management
PHL 449 Philosophy of Punishment
PHL 500* Philosophy of the Natural Environment
PHL 501* Social Thought and the Critique of Power
PHL 503* Ancient and Modern Ethics
PHL 504* Philosophy of Art
PHL 505* Hegel and Marx
PHL 509* Bioethics
PHL 525 Environmental Ethics
PHL 530 Media Ethics
PHL 550* Knowledge, Truth and Belief
PHL 551* Metaphysics
PHL 552* Philosophy of Science
PLN 103 Physiology I
PLN 203 Physiology II
PLN 303 Exercise Science and Physiology
PLX 333 City Building: Planning for Non-Planners
POG 100 People, Power and Politics
POG 110 Power and Influence in Canadian Politics
POG 210 Power and Authority in Canada
POG 214 Controversial Policy Topics
POG 225 Global Governance
POG 230 Research and Statistics
POG 235 Western Political Thought
POG 240 Intro to Comparative Politics
POG 310 Provincial Politics
POG 313 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity
POG 315 Equity and Human Rights in Canada
POG 316 Social Policy
POG 317 Education Politics and Policy
POG 320 Social Identity and Citizenship
POG 323 The Politics of International Development
POG 410 Canadian Urban Politics
POG 411 Canadian Foreign Policy
POG 412 Government and the Economy
POG 415 Environmental Politics and Policy
POG 416 The Politics of Canadian Federalism
POG 417 Canadian-American Relations
POG 423 Nationalism and Identity
POG 424 Human Rights and Global Politics
POG 425 Regional Economic and Political Integration
POG 426 Global Conflict and Peace
POG 430 Contemporary Political Thought
POG 431 Power, Domination and Resistance
POG 440 Indigenous Governance/Justice
POG 442 Women and Comparative Politics
POG 443 Global Cities
POG 444 Politics, Media and Technology
POG 446 Voters, Elections and Parties
POG 490 Politics and Governance Topics
POG 499 Field Experience
POL 101 Canadian Political Institutions
POL 102 Political Processes in Canada
POL 106* The Politics of Human Needs
POL 123 Urban Government in Canada
POL 128* Politics and Film
POL 129* Immigration and Settlement in Canada
POL 203* Politics of the Environment
POL 208* Globalization and World Politics
POL 220 Canadian Politics and Social Policy
POL 377 Urban Sustainability Policy
POL 501* Women, Power and Politics
POL 507* Power, Change and Technology
POL 510* The Politics of Sexual Diversity
POL 511* Well-being and Opportunity in Canada
POL 540* Issues in Third World Politics
POL 588* Neoliberalism and its Alternatives
POL 601* Social Movements and Politics
POL 607* Politics of Technology and Globalization
POL 688* Colonialism and Imperialism
POL 720* Canada in North America
PPA 101 Cdn Public Administration I: Institutions
PPA 102 Cdn Public Administration II: Processes
PPA 120 Canadian Politics and Government
PPA 121 Ontario Politics and Government
PPA 122 Local Politics and Government
PPA 124 Indigenous Politics and Governance
PPA 125 Rights, Equity and the State
PPA 211 Public Policy
PPA 235 Theories of the State
PPA 301 Administrative Law
PPA 303 Financial Management
PPA 319 Politics of Work and Labour
PPA 333 Research Methods in Public Administration
PPA 335 Theories of Bureaucracy
PPA 401 Collaborative Governance
PPA 402 Program Planning and Evaluation
PPA 403 e-Government
PPA 404 Issues in Public Administration
PPA 414 Comparative Public Policy
PPA 425 Intergovernmental Relations
PPA 490 Public Administration Themes
PPA 501 Public Sector Leadership
PPA 50A/B Practicum
PPA 51A/B Public Policy Research Paper
PPA 700 Comparative Indigenous Politics/Policies
PPA 701 Indigenous Public/Private Partnerships
PPA 702 Administrative Law in Indigenous Context
PPA 703 Dispute Resolution in Indigenous Context
PPA 704 Current Issues in Indigenous Governance
PPA 705 Sustainable Development and First Nations
PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology I
PSY 105* Perspectives in Psychology
PSY 124 Social Psychology
PSY 202 Introduction to Psychology II
PSY 214 Psychopharmacology
PSY 215 Psychology of Addictions
PSY 217 Psychology and Design
PSY 300 Psychology and Law
PSY 302 Child Development
PSY 324 Biological Psychology
PSY 325 Psychological Disorders
PSY 335 Clinical Psychology
PSY 402 Adult Development
PSY 412 Human Brain Circuitry
PSY 434 Brain and Behaviour
PSY 505* Personality Theory
PSY 514 Sensory and Perceptual Processes
PSY 518 Environmental Psychology
PSY 535 Gender Issues in Psychology
PSY 544 Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 602 Developmental Psychopathology
PSY 605 Psychology of Health and Health Care
PSY 614* Psychology of Sport
PSY 621* Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSY 622 The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour
PSY 654 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 701 The Psychology of Music
PSY 706* Personal Growth and Positive Psychology
PSY 712 Human Memory
PSY 721 Psychological Testing
PSY 802 Death, Dying and Bereavement
PSY 805 Adjustment, Stress and Coping
PSY 806 Behaviour Modification
PSY 808 Community Psychology
PSY 814 Principles of Aesthetic Production
PSY 941 Cross Cultural Psychology

REM 400 Real Estate Finance I
RMG 100 Issues and Innovations in Retailing I
RMG 200 Intro to Retail and Services Management
RMG 302 Retail Consumer Insight
RMG 303 Service Quality Management
RMG 400 Buying Process I
RMG 434 Intro to Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt
RMG 902 Franchising
RMG 905 Design, Commerce and Culture
RMG 906 International Retail Markets
RMG 907 Relationship Marketing
RMG 909 Advanced Buying Process II
RMG 910 Multi-Channel Retailing
RMG 911 Retail Sales Management
RMG 912 Corporate Responsibility
RMG 913 Retail Private Label
RMG 914 Sector Studies
RMG 916 Managing B2B Channels
RMG 919 Visualizing Data for Decisions
RMG 920 Case Studies in Managing Retail
RTA 90A/B Music in Film and Media
RTA 102 Creative Processes
RTA 105 Sport Theory and Practice
RTA 180* Music and Film
RTA 183 Rhythm, Beat and Groove
RTA 210 Media History
RTA 211 Production Theory
RTA 222 Intro to Computational Arts
RTA 223 Intro to Experience Design
RTA 231 Sport Marketing and Promotion
RTA 232 Sport, Media and Society
RTA 233 Sport Journalism
RTA 331 Transmedia Sports Marketing
RTA 332 Legal and Business Aspects of Sport
RTA 406* Chinese Instrumental Music
RTA 430 Capstone Lecture Series
RTA 433 Issues in Sports
RTA 441* Music of India
RTA 474* Gospel Music: Songs for the Spirit
RTA 484* Music of West Africa
RTA 530* Chinese Music
RTA 893 Social Justice Media: Innovators, Creators
RTA 901 Advertising
RTA 903 News and Current Affairs Theory
RTA 908 Business of Producing I
RTA 910 Production Management
RTA 914 Business Case Studies in Communications
RTA 915 Legal Issues in Media
RTA 917 Public Relations
RTA 918 Ethics in Media
RTA 920 Visual Storytelling: Video Production
RTA 927 Business of Music I
RTA 931 Inside the Frame
RTA 939 Aboriginal Media
RTA 945 Writing for Factual and Reality Programs
RTA 991 Sport Writing
RTA 992 Social and Interactive Media for Sports
RTA 995 Embodied Digital Media: Research/Design

SOC 104 Understanding Society
SOC 300 Sociology of Equity and Diversity
SOC 420 Social Class in Changing Times
SOC 470 Toronto: The Changing City
SOC 472 At Work in a Changing World
SOC 474 Immigration, Borders and Belonging
SOC 476 Sociology of Fear
SOC 477 Sociology of Advertising
SOC 478 Sociology of Fun
SOC 479 Social Networks and the World Wide Web
SOC 500 Youth and Society
SOC 502 Violence and the Family
SOC 504 Children and Society
SOC 525 Media and Images of Inequality
SOC 605 Families: Difference and Diversity
SOC 606 Work and Families in the 21st Century
SOC 608 Women, Power and Change
SOC 609 Women and Human Rights
SOC 611 Future Worlds: Technology and Social Change
SOC 700 Men and Masculinities in the 21st Century
SOC 706 Globalized Labour and Consumption
SOC 708 Environmental Sociology
SOC 803 International Community Engagement
SOC 903 Action Cinema and Modernity
SOC 904 Women in Popular Culture
SOC 931 Waste and Consumerism
SOC 932 The Entertainment Industry
SOC 941 Colonialism and Racialization
SOC 942 Women and Structural Change
SOC 943 Poverty Issues
SPN 402 Spanish Conversation and Pronunciation
SPN 515 Introduction to Business Spanish
SPN 702 Advanced Business Spanish
SPN 802 Advanced Business Spanish II
SWP 900 Race and Ethnicity
SWP 901 Youth and Social Justice
SWP 902 Gerontology
SWP 903 Crisis Intervention
SWP 906 Gerontology: Social Policy and Soc Security
SWP 907 Inequality, Oppression and Health
SWP 910 Queer Theory and Identities
SWP 917 Special Topics I
SWP 919 Substance Use and Abuse
SWP 920 Addressing Substance Use and Abuse
SWP 923 Family Violence
SWP 924 Strategies for Addressing Conflict
SWP 925 Strong Helpers' Teachings
SWP 927 Advocacy in Social Work
SWP 929 Working in Marginalized Communities
SWP 930 Spirituality in Social Work
SWP 932 Evaluating Social Work Practices
SWP 933 Indigenous Health and Well Being
SWP 934 Community Engagement Foundations
SWP 935 Engaging Diverse Communities
SWP 936 Community Engagement Practices
SWP 937 Community Engagement Capstone
SWP 938 Innovative Organizing in Precarious Times
SWP 939 Art and Social Transformation

THA 340 Improvisation
THD 220 Latin American Dance Forms
THD 320 Western Dance Styles
THF 101 Elements of Production I
THF 200 Timelines of Performance History I
THF 201 Timelines of Performance History II
THF 316 The Global Stage
THF 317 World Theatre and Dance
THF 325 Musical Theatre
THF 405 Human Development in the Arts
THF 500 Performing Arts in the Media

* These courses are also on a Liberal Studies table.
† PPA 50A/B, PPA 51A/B, RTA 90A/B and THF 317 have a GPA Weight of 2.00 and a Course Count of 2.00.

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