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Parents & Guardians

Welcome! Whether you are a parent or guardian, we’re glad you’re thinking about career development. The Ryerson Career Centre team is committed to preparing our students for career success!

The stereotype about career paths is that they are straightforward:

  • Step 1: get an undergraduate degree
  • Step 2: get an internship
  • Step 3: go to graduate or professional school
  • Step 4: get a great job
Today, career paths are curved and may even go in directions that seem a bit out-of-the-way at first. This is normal. In the 21st century, those twists and turns are part of the journey to a meaningful and successful career.
One of the best ways you can help a student is to discuss career planning with them, even before they arrive at university. Ask them about their thoughts and feelings as they go through their degree and explore their career options.


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