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IT Security

Information technology is an essential part of our day-to-day work and often an essential part of our social lives. Unfortunately, the Internet has become increasingly hostile. Ryerson is constantly working to fend off attackers who attempt to hijack Ryerson accounts, steal personal and confidential information, extort money from individuals via ransomware, and commit financial frauds.

Ryerson cannot work effectively to protect everyone from these threats without your assistance.  By becoming aware of possible threats and vulnerabilities, you can help to protect Ryerson as well as yourself. Here are some important things you can do:

  1. Use two-factor authentication for “all applications” because passwords don’t provide enough protection for your Ryerson account and everything it can access.
  2. Learn how to spot phishing emails, report, and delete them.
  3. Install and automatically update anti-virus software.

These IT Security pages are designed to help you protect your privacy, and the information you have access to.

For more tips check our Top 10 Computer Security Tips.

The EDUCAUSE and the Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council have compiled the Cybersecurity Awareness Resources Library which contains information that can help you improve your cybersecurity awareness and knowledge.




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