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Google Authenticator App for Android

Google Authenticator App for Android (PDF) PDF document

Install and Setup the Google Authenticator for Android

Instructions for Step 1: Setup Device

  1. On your Android mobile device, find and tap the Play Store - Google's app store.

     Android Google Play Store Icon

  2. Tap and search for “Google Authenticator".

     Google Play Store Search Screen

  3. The search screen will now show the app Google Authenticator in the Google Play Store.

     Google Authenticator App

  4. Tap the Google Authenticator app and you will get to the install screen. Tap Install.

    Google Authenticator App Install

  5. On the next screen, you need to authorize Google Authenticator to access your information on your mobile device. Press Accept if you want to continue.

    Google Authenticator App - Accept & Download

  6. Once you have accepted to download Google Authenticator application, it will return to the app screen.

    Google Authenticator App screen

    At this point please press the Back button of your device to go back to the home screen and tap the newly created Authenticator icon.

    Google Authenticator App icon

  7. At this time, only Google Authenticator on your mobile device is installed. Please proceed to Step 2: Setup Two-Factor Authentication.

    Note: If you don't already have a QR (Quick Response) code reader setup on your android, please click 'Can't scan the quick response code' in point 6 of the Step 2: Setup Two-Factor Authentication.

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