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Google Authenticator App for Blackberry

Google Authenticator App for Blackberry (PDF)PDF document

Install and Setup the Google Authenticator for Blackberry

Instructions for Step 1: Setup Device

  1. On your Blackberry mobile device, find and tap the Browser.

    Blackberry screen with Browser icon

  2. Type in "Type address" field at the top.

    Browser address field

  3. Tap Download on the "Download Google Authenticator" page.

    Google Authenticator app download

  4. You will see the Downloads progress bar. Wait for the Google Authenticator app to download and show "Done". Go to home screen.

    Google Authenticator download bar

  5. Find Google Authenticator app icon on your home screen. Select and tap it.

    Google Authenticator icon on BB screen after downloading

  6. Read the message on Google Authenticator screen. Click on Menu key Blackberry's menu key on your device.

    Google Authenticator home screen
    Blackberry's menu key location

  7. Select Manual Key Entry from the menu shown.

    Google Authenticator Menu

  8. You will need to fill your personal information.

    Google Authenticator Manual Entry Key

At this stage, please proceed to Step 2: Setup Two-Factor Authentication to learn how to get your account and key information and setup your Google Authenticator.

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