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OTV Code Generator

What is One-Time Verification (OTV) Code Generator

OTV code generator is a hardware device used to generate a one-time verification code. This code is part of the two-factor authentication system, used as an additional security measure when signing in to Ryerson web applications via Ryerson’s Central Authentication Service (CAS).

Who Can Use OTV Code Generator

At present, all faculty and staff at Ryerson University can use the OTV code generator. Even though it is primarily made available for the convenience of users without the supported mobile devices, it can be used by all users to get the Ryerson Authentication code conveniently.

How to Get OTV Code Generator

  1. Go to CCS Forms web site and select Request for One-Time Verification (OTV) Code Generator.

  2. Fill out the form. The request must be approved by your Director, Chair or Dean. An OTV code generator is provided by a third party company and there is a $30 charge for it.

  3. Once the request is approved, you will be informed by email to come to pick up the OTV code generator from CCS Reception, located in room LIB-B99. The hours of operation are from 8:30am-4:30pm (Monday - Friday).

  4. The OTV code generator will be assigned to your my.ryerson account. Each code generator comes with a unique identifier that has to be assigned to its owner’s account.

Note: Only one OTV code generator can be assigned per user. If lost, it has to be revoked in the system, before you can purchase another one.

How to activate and use OTV Code Generator

Once you get the OTV code generator from the CCS reception:

  1. Log in to the my.ryerson portal with your my.ryerson user name and password.
  2. Under the 'Self Service' module, click on Personal Account.
  1. Under Security section click on Two-Factor Authentication.Self Serve Section

  2. Next, you will see the Two-Factor Authentication screen. Click on the Setup button for 'One-Time Verification Code Generator' option as shown.

    Two-Factor Authentication Option for OTV
    NOTE: If your Mobile Device is already activated for two-factor authentication, you will have to Revoke it to be able to setup OTV Code Generator.

  3. The next page shows the Instructions for registering your assigned one-time verification code generator. You have the option to enforce two-factor authentication for either every CASified application (as long as you are logged into Ryerson’s Central Authentication Service (CAS), you will only need to enter your two-factor authentication once), or only applications that require strong authentication (e.g. Research portal) This option can be updated at any time. Apply the OTV code generator and go to the next step.Instructions for registering your assigned one-time verification code generator

  4. Turn on your OTV code generator and take note of the code shown. Do not mistake the serial number with the code (the serial number shown in these steps is used for illustration purposes only).

  5. Your device will show a code similar to the one below.One Time Code Generator

    Input your code received from the OTV code generator in the box for Code: and press Verify and Save.

  6. Once the OTV code is accepted, you will get a confirmation screen.Two-Factor Authentication Confirmation

  7. By using the option Show/Generate Backup Codes, you can generate backup codes in the event you are not able to access your OTV code generator for any reason. These are one-time use, randomly generated codes. Backup Verification Codes

  8. At this point, you can click "Generate New Backup Codes" to generate a new set of codes, or click Back to return to the Two-Factor Authentication menu.

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What to do in Case You Lose Your OTV Code Generator

As soon as you realize that you have lost the OTV code generator, you will need to get your Two-Factor authentication revoked for this device. You will be able to do it yourself if you can login to my.ryerson portal without using OTV code (you registered your OTV code for 'all applications' as in step 6 under section 'How to Activate and Use OTV Code Generator'). If not, ask CCS Help Desk at ext. 6806 or at at your earliest convenience.

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How to Revoke the OTV Code Generator

  1. Log in to the my.ryerson portal with your my.ryerson user name and password.
  2. Under the 'Self Service' module, click on Personal Account.
  1. Under Security section click on Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. Under the heading ‘Two-factor authentication is set up for:’, click on the Revoke button beside 'One-Time Verification Code Generator' option.

    Revoke One-Time Verificaton Code Generator

  3. Next, you will get a confirmation screen.
  4. Now you can go and purchase another OTV code generator by following How to Get OTV CodeGenerator.

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