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Student Web (STW) Server Account

Who can apply?

Ryerson Student Web Server (STW) accounts are available to students who wish to host a website at Ryerson ( They have to belong to one of the following groups:

  • Full-time Ryerson day students
  • Part-time degree students
  • Continuing Education students (if a course requires one)

Rules and Regulations

Accounts on the Student Web Server are subject to the same rules, regulations and usage guidelines applied to all user accounts. Ryerson's main web site provides a web page policy.

In addition to the usual guidelines, a student's web page must:

  • Comply with all ONET regulations
  • Not intend to advertise or help operate a private business
  • Not present copyrighted material without the author's consent. When possible, copyrighted material should be linked to, not reproduced
  • Comply with the equity and harassment policies of the university (
  • Identify the individual responsible for maintaining the page and give the most recent revision date

Student accounts on STW are allowed a maximum of 300 MB of disk storage. Because of problems with security and resource consumption, students cannot run private CGI programs on STW. 

For more information on Ryerson Student Web Servers, view Hosting a Website at Ryerson.

How to Get?

To get a Ryerson Web Server account for students, a student must:

  1. Log in to the my.ryerson portal with your my.ryerson user name and password.
  2. Under the 'Self Service' module, click on Personal Account.
  1. Under the 'General' category, click on Manage My Online Resources menu option.
  2. Click the status checkbox next to STW account and confirm your choice.
  3. Confirm the status is ON now.

Once the above mentioned steps are taken care of, a student's account is ready to be used only after a few hours.




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