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Email and Learning Systems

CCS offers a variety of tools for the Ryerson community to engage in useful conversations and communications. From accessing your emails via various methods including Gmail, RMail (Web), and RMail (Clients) to using my.ryerson portal, there are many productive tools available. Select your choices from the left menu accordingly.


Email: Storage Comparison
Email System (Group) Quota (MB)
Gmail (all) Unlimited
RMail (Faculty) 1000
RMail (Students - graduate) 1000
RMail (Students -undergrad) 500
RMail (Students -part-time or CE) 250


Email: Post Graduation Status

Ryerson University part-time, full-time and Continuing and Distance Education students will have an active Ryerson email account for five years after their last registration date.

If you wish to extend your Ryerson email after you graduate, you must provide a valid academic purpose. Ask your professor to request an extension directly through the CCS Help Desk (the contact information is located on the left panel of this page) with the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your my.ryerson user name
  3. Your student number
  4. A brief description of the academic work you are doing and why it requires continued use of your account.

For exact details on your resources and end dates, please visit the Self Service Module at my.ryerson portal.






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