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Sophos Antivirus Software Install for Windows 

Sophos Antivirus Software Install for Windows PDF formatSophos Install Win PDF

Sophos is Ryerson’s antivirus software. Here are the instructions to install Sophos on your computer. Note: Sophos supports Windows 10 as well as all previous versions of Windows.

If you currently have antivirus software installed on your computer, such as McAfee, as part of the installation Sophos will attempt to uninstall this. Some antivirus software Sophos cannot uninstall and we recommend that you manually uninstall the software before attempting the Sophos install. 

Complete the following steps to install Sophos: 

Step 1. Backup important personal files.
Step 2. Download and Install Sophos. Reboot after Install.
Step 3. Scan your computer.

Step 1. Back Up Your Files:

This is a precautionary task to ensure your important data is backed up. CCS does not standardize on a method for backing up your files. Some employees have access to CFAPS which gives them limited space for backups. Another option would be to use removable media such as USB keys and drives, however do not to use this method for confidential data as these can be easily lost or stolen. 


Step 2. Download and Install Sophos:

1.  From the CCS website find Sophos for Windows and Download.

2.  At the Connect to screen, type in your my.ryerson username and password.  
Click Log in.

CAS login screen

3.  At the File Download screen, click on the Save button to save the exe file containing the installation file. Save this file to a location of your choice where you can easily find it again such as your desktop or your Local Disk (C:). 

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4.  Locate the exe file that was downloaded and double click on the filename. When the installation begins, you may or may not see some of the progress windows shown in step 5 and 6, as this varies by Operating System.  Wait for the Sophos icon Sophos icon to be added to your taskbar and proceed to Step 8.

5. If the “User Account Control” screen appears, click Yes.

User Account control

6.  A pop-up window will display as the installation begins.

Installation begins

7.  As part of the installation, Sophos AutoUpdate will be configured.

Autoupdate is configured

8.  An icon will be added to your taskbar, at the bottom right of your desktop.  Move the cursor over this icon and the status will read Sophos Protection.  Sophos will begin updating with the newest data.

Note: The update will take a few minutes. To view the update progress, right click the Sophos icon and select View updating status.

9.  When updates are finished the status will display “Sophos Protection – All protection is enabledand finally “Sophos Protection-Last checked for updates”:

Sophos update message on taskbar

Sophos icon on taskbar


10.  Reboot your machine.

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Step 3.  Scan your Computer:

1.  To open the Sophos Console, click the Windows start button > All programs > Sophos > Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

Open Sophos from Start menu


Right click on the Sophos icon on the taskbar and select Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control.

Open Sophos from icon

2.  Click Scan computer.

Sophos scan computer

3.  When the scan is completed the results are displayed

Sophos scan results

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