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The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) engages in collaborative research at the critical intersection of the material and the digital, contributing to scholarly and societal knowledge about cultural objects, makers, and users.

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Digital humanities foregrounds the deeply recursive ways in which meaning and interpretation are bound up with materiality, media, and embodied navigation.

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Members News

Photo of CDH Participants at DHSI 2016 in Victoria

As you can see, we've got a great contingent of CDH RAs attending DHSI this week! Several of them are presenting together at the colloquium this afternoon. Ryerson is very well represented indeed!

photo by Paige Morgan

Photo of 3D Poetry Cube by Aaron Tucker at ELO 2016

After a busy week at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, Aaron Tucker’s latest collaborative work, Loss Sets, was displayed at the Electronic Literature Festival in Victoria, B.C. The group exhibit hosted a wide range of international artists and Aaron was thrilled to be included and to talk with other digital artists and scholars throughout the weekend. On the Saturday of the festival, he gave an artist talk titled “Computer-Collaborative Intersemiotic Translation in Loss Sets and the ChessBard” in which he explained some of the reasons computers make for such strong co-authors on projects based around translation, especially ones that involve translation from one medium to another. Together, the artist talk and the exhibit were a wonderful experience for displaying and discussing the work and the Ryerson CDH and to encourage both projects to expand further in the future.