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Undergraduate entrepreneur tackles Egypt’s clean water crisis

Business is changing. So is business school.

external,Entrepreneurship & Strategy student Omar El Araby is the leader of external,Project Myaah, an initiative focused on Egypt’s clean water crisis.

At the external,Ted Rogers School of Management, we offer our students pathways to create their own startups or immerse themselves in international learning experiences – Omar embraced both, leveraging the resources at the external,Enactus Ryerson social entrepreneurship incubator to launch his water filter project in Egypt.

The Project Myaah ceramic water filter is made with affordable, local materials and can kill 99% of waterborne diseases in groundwater, salted water and even sewage water (13 percent of childhood deaths in Egypt are due to waterborne disease). Over the next two years, Omar’s goal is to help 120 families sell the water filter, earning each family more than 420 Egyptian pounds per year and generating over 1 million litres of clean water annually. In creating over 100 jobs, he hopes to help revive the declining pottery industry in the country.

“The technical skills, business skills, and project management skills that I’ve gained have been enormous,” Omar says. “But seeing people who do not have access to clean drinking water —which we take for granted here — and knowing that I can help people… there are no words to describe that.”

The Ted Rogers School of Management immerses students in a culture that embraces collaborative problem solving with an emphasis on global issues and societal impact. Here, social entrepreneurs like Omar are empowered to go out into the world and make a difference, even before they graduate.