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Civil Engineering

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 James Li



James Li,  PhD

TELEPHONE:  416-979-5000 ext 6470

James Li



Dr. Li graduated with a BASc in Civil Engineering and a MASc in Hydraulic Engineering from University of Windsor, and a PhD in Environmental Engineering at University of Toronto in Canada. Dr. Li is currently a professor in Civil Engineering at Ryerson University in Canada, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental engineering.


Environmental Hydraulics
Hydraulic and sediment transport of natural streams, hydraulics of oil/water separators, and contaminant transport in unsaturated zone.

Environmental Hydrology
Urban stormwater management, treatment techniques for combined sewer overflows, urban water budget, and evapo-transpiration.

Urban Green Development
Field evaluation and numerical modeling of environmental benefits of greenroofs

Laboratory analysis of Dioxins and Furan
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay technology for the analysis of dioxins and furans in fish and in sediment.

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Analysis of urban spills using GIS, Web-based GIS for urban spill management, integrated GIS hydrologic analysis of watersheds, uncertainty analysis of GIS-based hydrologic models.


Ministry of Environment's Best of Science Research Grant
Proof of concept to apply new immunoassay technology for the analysis of dioxins and furans in fish and in sediments

Environment Canada, Ministry of Environment, City of Niagara Falls
Performance evaluation of vortex separation technology for combined sewer overflow treatment

Environment Canada, Ministry of Environment, City of Sarnia
Performance evaluation of stormwater exfiltration systems

Centre for Earth and Environmental Technology, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, City of Toronto
Benefits and costs of greenroofs in the City of Toronto

Hong Kong Community Chest and Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Modeling of greenroof performance in Hong Kong

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council
Modelling of larvicides for West Nile Virus management

Research Facilities:

Hydrology Laboratory
A 900 m2 hydrology laboratory has been established on the roof of George Vari Engineering and Computing Building. It is equipped with a weather station and a precipitation gauge, soil temperature and moisture sensors, water level meters, data loggers, and wireless modems for real time monitoring.

Hydraulic Laboratory
A hydraulic laboratory is being developed which includes hydraulic flume, vortex tank, and closed conduits. It will be equipped with magnetic flow meters, pressure transducers, velocity meters, etc.

Field Research Equipment

1. Automatic wastewater samplers
2. Telog water level meters
3. ISCO flow loggers
4. Tipping bucket rain gauges


CVL241 - Environmental Science for Engineers
CVL412 - Municipal Solid Waste Management
CVL903 - Water Resources Engineering
CVL912 - Environmental Impact Assessment
CV8206 - Water Resources Engineering
CV8205 - Environmental Impact Assessment
CV8202 - Surface Water Pollution Analysis