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Pre-Ceremony Personal Information Update


Graduation Award Document Name

Your name, as it appears on your student record, is the name that will appear on your graduation award document.
It is your responsibility to update your student record if you legally change your name, or your name is incorrect/incomplete. 

Graduating students may request to have their middle name or initial appear on their graduation award document, e.g. Anthony Smith could request Anthony Matthew Smith or Anthony M. Smith to appear on his document.
Submit the Personal Data Change Form to the ServiceHub (POD-150) to request this change. Please note supporting documentation (Government ID) is required to add a middle name to your graduation award document.


Name Change Procedure

To change your name on your student record, submit the Personal Data Change Form with official documentation to the ServiceHub (POD-150). Name changes must be submitted by the appropriate deadline date in order for your updated name to be reflected on your graduation award document.


Address Update

Keeping your address updated on your student record is important if you want to receive information mailed to you throughout the year. You can confirm the address we have on file for you on RAMSS at

Address Options:

1. Permanent Home Address: This address is usually where you lived before you became a student at Ryerson. Your permanent Home Address could also be the same as your current Mailing Address. All mail (including graduation-related mail such as convocation tickets and award documents) will be sent to your permanent Home Address if it is the only address on file.  If your Home Address is far away, it may be advisable to add a local Mailing Address where you can receive mail more quickly.

2. Mailing Address: This address is usually your current, local address of where you are living while attending Ryerson. If you have a Mailing Address on file, all mail (including graduation-related mail such as convocation tickets and award documents) will be sent to your Mailing Address.  Remember to update this address promptly if it changes after you finish the school year.

3. Graduation Address: This address is used if you wish to have your graduation related documents mailed to a different address other than your Home or Mailing Address.

Update your address online through the RAMSS Student Center or complete the Address Update Form found online at, and submit to the ServiceHub (POD-150). Address changes cannot be made over the telephone.