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Guest Information

Convocation is an exciting time for students, families and friends. Please read through the information below to ensure the best possible graduation day for everyone.

All convocation ceremonies are held in the Ryerson Theatre.   

The Theatre doors will open for guests one hour before the start of the convocation ceremony. Please arrive at this time in order to be seated before the start of the ceremony. If you are not seated before the graduand procession begins you will have to remain outside the Theatre until the graduands and the stage party has been seated.

If you are attending the Live Broadcast please proceed to POD250.

All guests should ensure they have their tickets with them, either on their mobile devices or a hard copy. Seating cannot be guaranteed without tickets.

A convocation ceremony lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Out of respect for all graduates and their guests we ask that everyone remain for the duration of the ceremony. Please keep aisles clear – there will be plenty of time for photographs afterwards and we have professionals taking photos during the ceremony.  

In the spring, post-ceremony receptions are held in the Quad for all graduates and their guests.

In the fall, receptions are held in the Upper Gym (external,KHW127 ).

Receptions include light refreshments.

Graduates can make an accommodation request on behalf of a guest when submitting their ceremony RSVP. 

For more information contact the Ceremonials Office.


In accordance with Section 39(2) of the external,Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990, and under the authority of the Ryerson University Act, 1977, students’ images, names, program, degree earned, and year of graduation as they appear in Convocation programs and in webcasts are considered public information.

Note that all Convocation ceremonies are broadcast live at on-campus locations and on the Internet. Ceremonies will also be recorded for the purpose of DVD production and webcasting which makes them available to friends, family and community members unable to attend in person. Cameras capture images of students, audience members, faculty and guests on stage. These images are the personal information of all participants. By accepting the invitation to attend Convocation, you are agreeing to participate in the webcast and photo taking.

If you have any questions or concerns about your information as it appears in the webcast or recording, contact the Manager of the Ceremonials Office at 416-979-5000 ext. 3682; or at