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Information for Staff

Family Presentation

In keeping with the Ryerson Convocation tradition any staff who has a family member graduating, and wishes to congratulate the graduand on stage, may do so by registering using the online form below. Please log in using your my.ryerson (matrix) User ID.

Sign up for Family Presentation


Staff participating in a Family Presentation will be asked to attend the Convocation rehearsal. An e-mail will be sent advising you of the rehearsal date and time.

Stage Party Participation

Staff members are invited to join the Academic Procession and platform party for the duration of the ceremony.

As a staff member you can participate on a ceremony day as part of the stage party showing students and their families a strong Ryerson Community. To participate on stage, register using the online form below. Please log in using your my.ryerson (matrix) User ID.

Sign up for Stage Party



If you register to congratulate your family member on stage, you will be asked to join the Academic Procession and to sit on stage for the duration of the ceremony. The platform party is required to wear black gowns.

Black academic gowns will be supplied by the University and are available in the Lower Gymnasium, Basement Level Kerr Hall West 73 (KHW 73). The gowns do not close completely in front, so what you wear may be seen underneath. It is not particularly convenient to carry a bag or purse on stage. Although the lower gym does have coat racks for leaving belongings behind, do not leave valuables as we cannot accept responsibility as staff may be called away and leave the room locked but unattended.

Participants are asked to gown at least one hour prior to the commencement of the ceremony. The student procession will start half an hour prior to the ceremony. You will join the academic procession on the first floor of the Kerr Hall West hallway.

If you have a degree and you would like to wear a hood, explore the possibility of rental or purchase at or call 416-977-4408. The wearing of a hood is not required. If you are a Ryerson graduate we will be able to loan you the appropriate hood.

Volunteering for Convocation

Staff are welcome to volunteer for convocation. If you are interested in participating in the Convocation Ceremonies, please contact Marija Urbanovica, 416-979-5000 extension 3866 or by e-mail at

Video Webcast

Convocation ceremonies are available as 'live' streaming live webcasts and are archived for later viewing. Please test your software before the event using the archive.