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Applying to Graduate

Applying to Graduate

Pre-ceremony Personal Information Update

Name Changes
Graduation Name
Address Update

Day of Ceremony Information

Schedule of Events

Academic Regalia, Graduation Fees and Appropriate Attire 
Orator's Card
Lining Up for the Procession
Accommodation Requests
The Ceremony
Conferring of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees
Students with Outstanding Fees
Receiving Your Certificate, Diploma or Degree
Exiting the Theatre
Returning Academic Regalia
Graduating in Absentia
Convocation DVDs, Photographs

After the Ceremony Information

Picking Up your Award Document
Award Document Reissues, Copies and Amendments


Convocation Ceremony Schedule for Students

For the 9:30 am ceremony, report by 8:00 am to the Lower Gymnasium, KHW 73
For the 1:00 pm ceremony, report by 11:30 am to the Lower Gymnasium, KHW 73
For the 2:30 pm ceremony, report by 1:00 pm to the Lower Gymnasium, KHW 73
For the 6 pm ceremony, report by 4:30 pm to the Lower Gymnasium, KHW 73
Please be punctual.

9:30 am
1:00 pm Ceremony 2:30 pm Ceremony 6 pm Ceremony Steps Location
8:00 a.m.

11:30 am

1:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 1. Pick up Name Card and regalia. Lower Gym, Kerr Hall West
8:15 a.m.

11:45 am

1:15 p.m. 4:45 p.m. 2. Report to the appropriate line-up. Marshals will position you in the proper order for the processional. Kerr Hall South, next to Lower gym
9 a.m

12:30 pm

2 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 3. Procession from Kerr Hall South/West to the Ryerson Theatre. Kerr Hall South
9:30 a.m.

1:00 pm

2:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 4. Ceremony begins. Ryerson Theatre

As soon as possible following the ceremony, please return your regalia to the Lower Gym, KHW 73.


Academic Regalia, Graduation Fees and Appropriate Attire

For the ceremony, you are required to wear academic regalia (an academic gown and, if appropriate, hood). Pick up your regalia and Name Card in the Lower Gymnasium in the basement of Kerr Hall West (KHW 73).

The academic gown does not close in the front (what you wear will show). A coat rack is available in the Lower Gym for students to leave their coats or suit jackets during the ceremony. Please do not bring backpacks or bulky items. Although the room is locked, we cannot accept responsibility for lost items - please do not leave valuables.

Appropriate attire:

If you are receiving an Undergraduate or Graduate degree, as suit, shirt or blouse with buttons will be helpful in securing your hood. Undergraduate gowns are blue; Graduate gowns are black.

  • Women: dress, suit or blouse with buttons
  • Men: suit, jacket, shirt and tie
  • Purses and bags should be left with your guests prior to going to the marshalling area
  • Cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices should be turned off before the start of the procession.


Your Name Card

To help identify you properly when you cross the stage you will be given a Name Card when you pick up your regalia. Please be sure to carry it with you to the theatre so that the presenter can read your name as you cross the stage. If your name is difficult to pronounce, please print it as it sounds in the space provided on the card.



Lining up for the Procession

After obtaining your academic regalia and Name Card, please make your way to Kerr Hall South (next to the lower gym). At various points in Kerr Hall South, you will find a number on the wall, coinciding with the number on your card. please line up in that section according to numerical order.

Graduands will be lined up in pairs, numerically, according to who is present. The Chief Convocation Marshal will provide instructions concerning hooding procedures, the procession and seating in the Theatre. Graduands are asked to remain in line. When the ceremony is ready to begin, graduands will be led into the Ryerson Theatre. The procession may be around the Quadrangle or directly into the Theatre, depending on weather conditions.




Accomodation Requests

If you or a guest has an accommodation request (such as wheelchair seating, hearing devices, etc.) contact Lise Payne by e-mail at or at 416-979-5000 ext. 7857 to ensure all needs are addressed. Guests will be asked to arrive one and one quarter hours prior to the ceremony. When e-mailing, include the name of the person needing the accommodation, details of their requirements, the name of anyone attending with them, ceremony date and time and, the name of the graduating student. Please ensure they bring their theatre tickets with them.


The Ceremony

The graduation ceremony consists of the following components:

Student Procession
Academic Procession
University Orator
Welcoming Remarks
Provost's Remarks
Convocation Address
General Presentation of Candidates
Awarding of Certificates, Diplomas, Undergraduate Degrees and Graduate Degrees
Student Awards when applicable
Alumni Representative Remarks
Concluding Remarks
National Anthem




Conferring of Certificates and Degrees

Before certificates and degrees are conferred during the ceremony, graduands are directed to line up along the right hand wall of the Theatre and proceed up the stairway to the stage. Give the Chief Marshal your Name Card and wait for your name to be read. As your name is read, cross the platform to the Chancellor, who is seated at the centre of the stage.

Certificate and Undergraduate Degree graduands will stop to the Chancellor's left side, shake his hand and look toward the photographer located in the orchestra pit, who will take a photo.

Graduate Degree graduands will stop at the Hooder before they reach the Chancellor. The Hooder takes their hood and as the student bends to shake hands with the Chancellor, the Hooder places the hood over the student's head. Once you have been hooded, please look toward the photographer located in the orchestra pit, who will take your photo while you are shaking hands with the Chancellor.

You will then proceed to shake hands with the greeters who will be located to the right of the Chancellor. Greeters may include: the President, the Provost, the Dean, Chair of the Board of Governors, and the Chair or Director of your program.



Students with Outstanding Fees 

To clear outsatnding tuition or residence fees, make your payment online. Please allow 3 business days for your payment to be applied to your Ryerson Tuition & Residence Fee Account.  Instructions for online payments.

Other debts owed to the University must be cleared directly with the department where money is owed (e.g. library, program department, etc.)

For overdue payments and account holds, please contact collections. Collection Services.

Graduation award documents will not be available until the pick-up period after the final Convocation ceremony for withholds cleared on your Convocation day.

Graduates who clear their withhold after Convocation may pick-up their graduation award document at the ServiceHub (POD150) at the Document Counter. ServiceHub Hours and Location.

For this website:


Enrollment Services and Student Fees Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.


10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.


Noon - 4:30 p.m.


Receiving your Certificate or Degree

As you cross the stage after greeting the Chancellor, please exit the stage via the doors at the top of the stairs where you will be handed your certificate or degree. You will then be directed back onto the stage and down the stairs to your seat for the remainder of the ceremony.



Exiting the Theatre

Participants will leave the Ryerson Theatre in the following order: stage party first; graduates next (in the same order as they entered); then the general audience. 

When establishing with your guests an after the ceremony meeting location please consider a spot well away from the Theatre doors as over one thousand people are also trying to exit and it will be difficult to meet in this area.



Returning Your Academic Regalia

You are required to return your regalia immediately upon completion of the ceremony. If you do not return your regalia you will be invoiced the $200.00 replacement cost of the regalia and you will not be able to obtain transcripts etc. until payment is made.



The Reception

Light refreshments will be served after the ceremony.


Graduating in Absentia


All eligible graduands will receive confirmation of graduation and an invitation to Convocation ceremony in the mail.  Whether you plan on attending your Convocation ceremony or not, you must notify the University of your intention at  

Graduands who are unable, or do not wish, to attend their Convocation ceremony will graduate in absentia. For more information go to Curriculum Advising.



Souvenirs Available at the Reception

Ryerson University pens, rings, watches and degree frames, T-shirts and other Ryerson memorabilia will be available for sale after the ceremony. The Ryerson Campus Store provides this onsite service.


Convocation DVDs

For previous Convocation ceremonies:

Please email to check the availability of previous Convocation ceremonies DVDs.



A photographer from Grad Images will photograph each graduate as awards are conferred on stage. Following Convocation, each graduate will be mailed a complimentary photographic proof and order form, listing optional packages.

A photographer from Grad Images will be available after the ceremony to take family and individual photographs.

If you have a question or concern about the photographs taken during the ceremony, contact Grad Image by e-mail or 800-372-3686 .

Composite class photos are only produced for the Spring graduating class. If you will be graduating in the following fall ceremonies, be sure to have your photo taken during the winter photo sessions for your photo will be included in the spring composite.

If you have a question or concern about the composite class photographs, contact the Ryerson Student Union's Internal Coordinator at 416-979-5255 extension 2325.

If you have a question or concern about the photographs taken during the academic year, contact Lassman Studios by e-mail at or at 905-859-1241.