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Winter 2017 Update

We have posted a new date for our popular external,Introduction to D2L Brightspace hands-on workshop, as well as the schedule for our daily external,Troubleshooting Drop-in Clinics for the start of term.

Not sure where to start? Please see the external,Getting Started: Teaching with D2L section of this website, offering details on logging in, requesting your course shell, where to find your students and more.

Welcome back, and lots of luck in the new term!

The ability to download a list of the students in your course shell has now been improved to include section numbers and group affiliation.

Previously, the export feature in the Grades tool did not include the sections in which each student was assigned. This detail can now be included by selecting 'Section Membership' in the export options.

Similarly, group affiliation can be included in this export file. Please be aware, however, that this feature can only show affiliation with one section or one group per group category.

Learn more about external,Downloading a list of students from D2L Brightspace.

We have added two new roles to D2L Brightspace, to provide a wider variety of options when adding new users to your course.


Facilitators are responsible for running communications only. They have access to create Announcements, Discussions (including Forums and Topics), Groups and Chat sessions. As such, they have access to some private student data.

Facilitators only have student-like access to content, and no access to assessments or grades.

Who is eligible for this role? Anyone at Ryerson with an HR role of Staff, Instructor, or Academic Assistant. The course Instructor must also use their own judgement to ensure this level of access is necessary and appropriate for the situation.


Content Viewer

Content Viewers have access to view the 'Content' tool in the course.

This role may be used to provide access to someone who just wants to review the content in the course, and does not require access to assessments or communication tools.

This role is also the one recommended for course note-takers.

Learn more about external,User Roles and external,Adding Users to Your D2L Shell in D2L Brightspace.

Until now, the Attendance tool only permitted the Instructor to track students' attendance (or participation in course activities). We have now made a change that will allow the Instructor to make the attendance registers visible to the students, to be accessed through the course menu, under Assessment.

Please note that enabling the Attendance tool in the course will make the tool visible in the menu, even if the Instructor has chosen to keep the attendance registers hidden from the students. In this case, the students will be able to go into the Attendance tool, but will not see any registers that have been hidden.

Learn more about external,The Attendance Tool in D2L Brightspace.

We're always updating our content - the list would be too long if we put it all here! Here are some of the notable updates to the site.

Please visit external, for all of our D2L Brightspace tutorials and support information.