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Tests, Surveys and Pools

Tests and surveys in Blackboard can be used to:

  • provide graded testing of student skill and knowledge
  • conduct class polls
  • obtain student feedback

Automatic evaluation (in the case of multiple choice Tests) and updates to the class Grade Center are but two of the a advantages to delivering assessments through Blackboard

Tests vs. Surveys

Although we will regularly be referring to Tests specifically, most of the instructions and information also apply to Surveys.

Main differences between Tests and surveys:

  • Tests are linked to particular students, while surveys are anonymous
  • Tests are graded, while surveys are not
  • Completion of a survey is indicated by a checkmark in the Grade Center, instead of a grade.


Tests are created to check the knowledge and skill level of users enrolled in the course. Tests permit the instructor to assign point values to each question on exams or Tests. When a student completes a test it is submitted for grading, and the results are recorded in the Grade Center.


Surveys are useful for polling purposes, evaluations, and random checks of knowledge. They function in the same way as tests and offer most of the same options. Questions on surveys are not assigned a point value, therefore surveys are not graded. Surveys are considered anonymous, so a student will not be linked to their survey submission.

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