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Welcome to the Central Placement Office

The Central Placement Office (CPO) is responsible for investigating, evaluating, developing and nurturing placement opportunities for students, as well as placing students in practice settings to meet the objectives of their practice courses in the following programs:

Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown Collaborative Nursing Degree Program (BScN)
Post Diploma Degree Program (BScN)
Master of Nursing Program (MN)

Please follow the top navigation menus, above, to access information about nursing placements, forms, and contact information and hours.

Practice Requirement Record (PRR) Policy

All nursing students enrolled in practice courses must have their PRR cleared and stamped by the Central Placement Office (CPO) prior to the date of their first clinical/practice experience. 

When a student's PRR is incomplete, the PRR Policy comes into effect. This policy may be downloaded here [PDF].

Please access the PRR information appropriate to your program via the top navigation menu entitled "Student Placement Forms".



Mask Fit Card

Students are responsible for arranging their own mask fit test. If your card has expired or is nearing its expiry date, please make sure to renew it as soon as possible: SMH Questionnaire and Instructions [PDF]


You can watch CPO videos on Youtube here.

Student Handbooks:

Collaborative Nursing Degree Handbook

Post Diploma Degree Handbook

Master of Nursing Handbook

Practice Injury/Incident Reporting

To report an injury or incident, click here for forms and guidelines.