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International and Intranational Placements (NCL800 and NSE418 only)

Please note that students applying for international placement require an academic CGPA of A-.


Information Session:

The next information session will be held in Fall 2017. Details to follow.

This session is intended for Collaborative and Post Diploma students interested in international and rural placements and who will be enrolled in their final practice course (NSE418 or NCL800) during the Winter 2019 term (January to April 2019).

A copy of the presentation is available below:

If you were unable to attend this session, please review the above presentation as well as all other materials below. You can then request an appointment through e-mail to discuss your plans.


Next Steps:

Please review the International & Intranational Placement Requirements for information on how to proceed with an international or intranational placement.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the documents listed in the table below; some are required for international placements, others for intranational (rural) ones.


Document Needed for
  International Intranational (Rural)

International & Intranational Placement Requirements


* *

International Placement Checklist



International/Intranational Practicum Student Proposal

(please submit your completed proposal and a current résumé to the Associate Director for your program of study)


* *

Things to think about when planning for International/Intranational Placements  

(be prepared to discuss these questions with the Associate Director for your program of study and/or your placement coordinator)


* *

International Practicum List of Documents  

(list of important documents to complete and/or obtain before departure)



Letter of Introduction (Sample)

 (after you receive initial approval, we will provide you with a letter of introduction you can use to approach potential placements)


* *

Letter Confirming Student Status (Sample)

(before your departure, we will provide you with a letter that confirms your student status)


* *

Journal/Blog Recommendations

(some practical ideas of how to document your experience)

* *