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Leading Knowledge on Home and Community Care

Welcome to CRNCC, a vibrant national and international affiliation of academic and community researchers, community service providers, consumers and policy makers dedicated to advancing research and knowledge transfer in home and community care. The network encourages collaborative, community-driven research and knowledge translation across the continuum of care.




Expanding Long-Term Care in the Community: Can it be Done? June 14, 2016. Presentation is now posted.


Just Released

Improving Seniors’ Services in Ontario Position Paper by the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (Summary)
Integrating Long-Term Care into a Community-Based Continuum: Shifting from “Beds” to “Places” by CRNCC co-Chairs A Paul Williams (U of Toronto), Janet Lum (Ryerson) et al. Published by Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP).
Caring for Caregivers: Challenging the Assumptions
by A. Paul Williams (CRNCC co-Chair) et al. in Healthcare Papers by Longwoods Publishing.
A 3-year Study of High-Cost Users of Health Care
by Walter Wodchis et al., PI Health System Performance Research Network.