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The Clean Energy Zone is based at Ryerson but all startups are welcome. 

The Clean Energy Zone is a business incubator and accelerator focused on urban energy. The purpose is to assist young businesses turn their urban energy ideas into commercially viable products, services, and/or technologies.

The Centre for Urban Energy (formerly iCUE) was officially launched in November of 2012, and is housed within Ryerson University’s Centre for Urban Energy (CUE). 

Among the primary goals of the Clean Energy Zone are research innovation (applied research in collaboration with industry); business innovation (entrepreneurship); and student innovation (experiential learning). It supports the innovation process between ideation and technology development.

Why should I apply?

As part of the Centre for Urban Energy and Ryerson University, the Clean Energy Zone offers a number of benefits for energy startups:

  • Face time with key industry players
  • Access to academic and industry advisors
  • Office space in prime downtown Toronto location
  • Access to financial capital 
  • Collaboration with entrepreneurs at iCUE and Ryerson's zone network including its flagship Digital Media Zone
  • Collaboration with CUE's cutting-edge research teams
  • Insight on domestic and foreign markets
  • Insight on the energy sector
  • Access to a diverse talent pool of Ryerson students

What about funding?

Clean Energy Zone startups have the opportunity to receive funding from a variety of competitive grants, such as the David McFadden Energy Entrepreneur Challenge, the Norman Esch Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards and the OCE SmartStart Seed Fund, and through Ryerson Futures.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact Lalitha Subramanian

OK, I'm ready to apply!

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"The Clean Energy Zone played an integral role in supporting DanTeb through the process of building our own ‘Made in Canada’ product. We met some of our suppliers through the zone network whom we are still partnered with today. It was a great place for idea sharing and learning from mentors.” — Laura Miller, Co-Founder, DanTeb Enterprises

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