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Current startups

Actual Energy Solutions


external,Actual Energy Solutions helps buildings strive to achieve the goal of net-zero energy consumption. The company collects data to discover the best and most cost-effective retrofit solutions, such as LED lighting, HVAC modernization, roofing and solar panels. It researches funding opportunities to incentivize customers to attain net-zero status for their buildings.

external,Argentum Electronics is promoting the use of clean power by developing smart power electronics and charge controllers for the solar industry.

external,BKR Energy is a startup developing advanced and innovative cloud-based HVAC controllers as a SaaS technology to better control home heating and cooling systems, supporting Ontario’s government in achieving its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target plan.

Distributed Resources wants to make the case for solar energy more apparent and precise. Its web app will show how much a customer can save on each of their monthly bills by using data from their own electric meter and potential solar system, calculated hour by hour.

external,Electrefy is a green company that provides reliable clean energy solutions to markets that rely on diesel generators for temporary on-demand power. Leveraging the use of second life EV batteries Electrefy is able to provide a robust, low emission, silent and cost-effective energy solution. The company optimizes the performance and increases the value and lifetime of these batteries using dynamic machine learning techniques. Application of Electrefy's technology includes portable power for festivals, outdoor events, construction sites and emergency response.

Elocity is building innovative technology solutions for connecting electric vehicles with customers, drivers and the grid in a cost effective and practical way.

Through its Peak SYNERGYTM controls platform, external,Peak Power is empowering building owners to achieve long-term savings from rising electricity bills, reach sustainability goals and increase onsite resiliency, all while aiding utilities in addressing aging infrastructure and peak demand requirements.

external,SolarTop is an easy to use online platform that connects homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area with financing, to make solar easy and affordable. SolarTop has the solution to make a homeowner's transition to solar, seamless and simple.

external,SWTCH provides electric vehicle (EV) charging management solutions for commercial, residential, and workplace settings. Our software product integrates with all brands of EV supply equipment (EVSE) to enable scheduling, payment, and trust management functionality. By streamlining the transaction between EVSE provider and EV driver, SWTCH aims to improve EV charging accessibility, reduce driver range anxiety, and promote the widespread adoption of EVs.

external,Tap the Grid is a replacement for temporary portable generators and allows customers to remove the generator and power the activities directly from the grid. It is a complete self-serve solution requiring no connect or disconnect support from an operator or local distribution company.

VAVETek's mission is to provide customized cloud-based software applications and services to help businesses to cut cost and reduce time-to-market of new products, including battery systems.

VenClima has been founded with the goal of becoming Canada’s premier provider of greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency programs. By connecting people, planet and technology the startup aims to develop and deliver climate change programs for a better world.

Graduated enterprises

Plug'n Drive

DanTeb Enterprises

external,2ND LOT provides energy and sustainability consulting services to architects, developers, and engineers in the green building industry, with a particular focus on small- and medium-sized buildings in Toronto.

external,Caribshare Biogas is a non-profit company that promotes renewable energy across Caribbean by using organic waste from local resorts and farms to generate electricity.

external,DanTeb Enterprises creates cell phone charging stations that can be placed in high-traffic public places where people do not have access to their own phone charger.

A student-led not-for-profit, EnergySavers helps Torontonians cut their energy bills by empowering and educating them on the value of conservation and performing energy-saving home retrofits.

By providing free air for commuters and CO2 savings reports, En-Tire Savings’ mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the transportation sector, lower fuel cost and consumption, and raise environmental awareness amongst the public.

external,Heliolytics is a global leader in aerial thermal imaging and analysis for photovoltaic systems. The company provides innovative reporting services and sector experience to ensure maximum solar asset performance.

InDee is a consulting firm for small- and medium-scale projects aiming to increase their energy efficiency performance without an increment in construction costs.

Innovit is developing a portable storage battery that would be used as an emergency electricity supply; this device would also be expandable to grid connected storage devices.

I-EMS Group is developing an intelligent home and building energy management software application to be used to monitor daily energy usage.

Lightning Shard is a social purpose business that provides clean electricity to remote areas by partnering with the hotel and lodging industry and delivering mobile device charging services as guest amenities.

My Green Neighbour develops and ‘white-labels’ apps to help users conserve energy.

external,PawCharge solves the pain point of waiting at an outlet or a charging station at conferences and festivals by providing a battery sharing program that allows smartphone users to charge their mobile devices on the go.

external,Plug'n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. Plug'n Drive has established itself as a trusted source of unbiased information on electric cars, charging stations and the electricity sector.

PowerCost Monitor has developed a domestic uitility reader to allow logging of consumption via wireless transmitters.The device reliably transmits consumption data over a radio frequency link to its display unit.

Rigel Scientific Research has an innovative proprietary design for a renewable energy storage system and the company is currently seeking an industry partner to help commercialize it. Recent focus has been on completing detailed design documentation and software to support prototype construction and testing.

external,Screaming Power provides a mobile social platform that connects directly with the energy user, allowing for effective and secure two-way communications to educate the marketplace, change behaviour and encourage sustainability.

external,Smartto Media is a novel advertising and analytics platform that utilizes real time data and location-based physical mediums.

Truly Local is a group of dedicated and adaptive urban farmers committed to enabling people to grow their own food inside or out using nutrient-enriched soil or energy-efficient technology such as hydroponics or aquaponics - and lowering their carbon footprint in the process.