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The Conference Board of Canada, The Electricity Sector Council and the Petroleum HR Council are all calling for skilled workers Canada-wide over the next four years. What remains is a real shortage for skilled employees.

In partnership with Ryerson’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, CUE’s solution is the Certificate in Energy Management and Innovation program that addresses this skills disconnect.

Launched in fall 2012, students can expect to learn about energy management, conservation, sustainability and public policy that governs this regulated sector.

The certificate also covers innovation and entrepreneurship, which is needed to address the challenges and opportunities for developing new energy technologies and business enterprises.

Courses in the program include: Energy Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Energy Conservation: Emerging Trends, Energy and the Public Policy Debate in Canada, and An Introduction to Smart Grid.

CUE remains devoted to augmenting its educational programs in response to the growing demands of the sector. In addition to packaging our certificate program online and as an executive course, we launched a new professional master's diploma program in 2016. We are also testing Ryerson University's unique Zone Learning model through the Clean Energy Zone, our incubator/accelerator for energy entrepreneurs.  

To help decide which course is right for you, please download this CUE program comparison.  

"This program is driven by the needs of the sector. The certificate allows those already in the energy industry to get the knowledge they need to advance into management or leadership roles, and it allows those looking to break into the industry the understanding they need to start their own energy business."
— Bala Venkatesh, Academic Director