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Electrical Engineering for Non-Engineers

Introducing basic electrical concepts

This seminar series introduces the basic concepts of Electrical Engineering to non-engineers in preparation for the Professional Masters Diploma Program in Energy and Innovation at Ryerson University. The seminar series covers the basic properties of electricity, such as power, energy, charge, current and  voltage. Concepts such as DC and AC circuit analysis, transformers and electrical machines, interconnected power systems, protection and control, power electronic devices and converters, and renewable energy will also be covered.

At the end of the seminar series the attendees will be provided with a Record of Attendance. Note that receiving the Record of Attendance does not guarantee admission into the PMDip Energy and Innovation Program.

The workshop series teaches various basic concepts of Electrical Engineering as prerequisites for the Professional Masters Diploma program in Energy and Innovation.

Successful candidates of this course shall be able to:

  • Understand the basic properties of electricity, such as power, energy, charge, current and voltage.
  • Explain the operation of DC and AC circuits.
  • Compute voltage, current, and power in different parts of simple circuits.
  • Explain theory of operation of transformers and alternators.
  • Identify power electronic devices for different applications.
  • Explain the theory of operation of power electronic converters.
  • Identify power system components, connectivity, and functionality.
  • Explain the role of protection and control in power system operation.
  • Identify different renewable energy sources and explain their roles in modern power systems.
  • DC circuit analysis
  • AC circuit analysis
  • Transformers and substations
  • Generators and motors
  • Interconnected power systems
  • Power system protection
  • Power system control
  • Power electronic devices
  • Power electronic converters
  • Introduction to renewable energy
  • Review and conclusion

As part of the last topic, a demonstration in the Schneider Electric Smart Grid Laboratory, Canada‚Äôs first university-based smart grid lab, will elucidate some of the key power system concepts learned in this course.

$1,300 per person.

Bob Singh

Bob Singh
IESO Distinguished Research Fellow
Centre for Urban Energy

Bala Venkatesh
Phone: 416-979-5359

Starts January 2018. One evening (to be finalized) per week from 6 to 9pm.