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Zone Learning

Do you have an idea for an energy-related new business startup, a cool consumer product, or a change-making social venture? Do you think about graduating with a degree in one hand and your own company or social venture in the other? Then sign up for the Optional Specialization in Zone Learning (CEDZ 100) at the Centre for Urban Energy (CUE).

After being admitted to CUE, students may undertake projects individually or in a team. The following options exist:

  • Propose an energy-related business idea or product for the centre’s incubator/accelerator, iCUE.
  • Work alongside an industry partner such as Toronto Hydro, Hydro One, Ontario Power Authority, PowerStream and Schneider Electric to address an existing market need or to develop a new product, solution or service.
  • Receive mentorship from industry specialists, faculty or fellows, gaining valuable energy sector experience.

Zone learning is a student-driven hands-on opportunity, where your education moves from theory into practice and focuses on answering real-world needs.

Participating in zone learning tells potential employers and investors that while at Ryerson, you took part in an entrepreneurial activity, signaling your creativity, ambition and willingness to make something bold and new for yourself and the world around you.

Zone Learning Overview for CEDZ 100 at CUE

1. Proposed Activities

CEDZ100-CUE is meant for those students who wish to pursue an entrepreneurial or product development activity at the Centre for Urban Energy.  Students enrolled in this experiential learning opportunity—from diverse backgrounds and all faculties—shall propose new energy and related topics as projects to be undertaken in one or several academic terms. After being successfully admitted to CUE as per its established criteria, students may undertake projects individually or in a team.

The student(s) should identify a proposed activity, which shall be undertaken as a part of CEDZ 100 and is not being done already in other engagements.

2. Assessment

A pass/fail grade will be submitted for each student enrolled in CEDZ 100, per semester, for up to four semesters. Individual pass/fail determinations are determined by CUE’s academic director or designate according to its criteria for success in this Zone, and are made in collaboration with the team’s academic partner, the Director of Zone Learning.

3. Outcomes

Students who participate in Zone activities at CUE through CEDZ 100 can expect the following outcomes of this experiential learning:

1) Learning what it means to take an idea from the conceptual to commercial stage in an Energy sector context and the value of real-time mentorship along the way.

2) Learning what it means to work as part of a team made up of members from multiple disciplines, who work together to create and propose viable solutions for industry problems specified by external stakeholders.

For more information, please contact Bala Venkatesh, Academic Director, CUE, ( or Randy Boyagoda, Director, Zone Learning (

Applying to CUE

Zone Ready badge

Important Deadline to Remember:

Application deadline for the summer 2016 term: Friday, June 17, 2016

Note: You cannot enroll in optional specialization in zone learning through RAMSS