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Energy Industry Roundtables

The Centre for Urban Energy's role in hosting and facilitating roundtables is to support industry and identify research, technology and/or policy gaps. CUE has the capability to assist industry stakeholders in bridging some of these identified gaps in the sector through an informed, innovation-focused dialogue, and in a proactive and rationale manner.

The investment required to maintain a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system is going to cost money, which in these economic times is in scarce supply.


Do consumers have the power to manage their bills?


To continue the evolving dialogue of the electricity market and prices, the third roundtable examines the role of smart meters and its effect on customer and market behaviour.


Aligning our investment: This is an exciting and timely dialogue with industry leaders in research and development in Ontario's energy sector including regulators, utilities, the private sector and academic researchers.


The roundtable included industry experts from gas and electric utilities, regulators, the private sector, consumer advocacy groups and academia.

This roundtable brought together the key players to discuss the December 2013 ice storm, extreme weather and its impact on urban energy: What worked, what didn't and how do we prepare for the next time?