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The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) brings together industry, government and top researchers from across Canada and around the world to undertake collaborative, multi-disciplinary research on the issues facing large cities today. CUE combines the perspectives of engineering, science, environment, business, social science, public policy, law and infrastructure management. Research is focused on:

  • Efficiency and conservation
  • Electric vehicles
  • Generation and transmission
  • Net-zero homes
  • Policy and regulation
  • Renewables
  • Smart grid
  • Storage

If you are a company or organization looking to undertake a new research project in these areas, please contact academic director Bala Venkatesh.

"The Centre for Urban Energy is at the forefront of energy research in Canada providing real-world solutions to real-world problems. Partnering with leading corporations in the field, the centre’s interdisciplinary work on smart grid, alternative energy sources and intelligent buildings is internationally recognized."
— Wendy Cukier, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University