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Scholarships & Awards for Undergraduate Studies

Photo of Student receiving an award from the President

There are many awards available to both new and returning Ryerson University students. Some awards are automatically awarded while others require applications. The categories below outline what is currently available.

Entrance Scholarships
- Entrance scholarships are open to students entering their first year of undergraduate study.

Program Specific Awards - Each academic program department has its own awards. In addition to the awards, scholarships and bursaries listed on this website, there may be additional funding opportunities available directly through your academic program department.

Faculty Wide Awards - Faculty wide awards are open to all current undergraduate students within each faculty.

University Wide Awards - University wide awards are open to all current undergraduate students enrolled in any program of study.

Special Categories - Awards by Special Categories are open to all current undergraduate students who are international students, student athletes, aboriginal students or students with disabilities.

External Awards - Many external groups, organizations, companies and foundations offer awards to students attending postsecondary institutions.

YEATES SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES - Awards, Scholarships, Bursaries, Fellowships & Grants information and applications

G. RAYMOND CHANG SCHOOL OF CONTINUING EDUCATION - Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries information and applications

The availability and monetary value of all awards, bursaries and scholarships are subject to change. The Student Financial Assistance Office reserves the right to change the listed award, scholarship or bursary information and/or value without notice. Ryerson's awards, scholarships and bursaries are not transferable to other postsecondary institutions.

Awards Subject to Cancellation: Students that withdraw, reduce their courseload, alter their program of study, experience a decline in grades or no longer meet other scholarship eligibility/requirements may have to forfeit all or part of their award. The decision will be made by the Student Financial Assistance Office and will be based on the terms of the award, circumstances leading to the student becoming ineligible and educational costs incurred already. A cancelled award will be a charge against the student's University customer/fee account.

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