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Fees & Finances


Detailed Fees Information by Program and Academic Level

Total fees for each program and academic level include charges for tuition, athletics, RSU - Ryerson Students' Union, RSU health and dental plans, and other related fees. Fees are assessed upon the total number of fee units per term and based on actual course enrolments or course intention data. Students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program are considered full-time when enrolled in a minimum of 4.0 fee units each term. Fees are due and payable by the start of classes.

Full-time program students are required to pay their total fees by the start of Fall classes, and part-time program students are required to pay their current term fees by the start of their classes. Fee payments are first applied to any outstanding debts, and any balance remaining is applied to the most recent debt. Students are academically and financially responsible for all enrolled courses and fees incurred.

A detailed breakdown of fees for each program and academic level is available on the Undergraduate Fees and Graduate Fees pages.

Ancillary Fee Descriptions

How to Pay Your Fees

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