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The link below will take you through a brief yet thorough walkthrough of the Ryerson Student Financial Assistance Web Site, as well as the OSAP website.

For more detailed individual sessions that highlight particular questions, follow us to our Financial Aid Video FAQ!





When applying for OSAP, entering accurate information is important to avoid delays in processing and receiving funding. Students should enter the actual percentage course load and study period start and end dates they intend to maintain in the coming/current academic year. Once an OSAP application is completed and submitted, any changes must be done through our office.

The OSAP assessment  is based on the information entered on the OSAP application. If the information on a student's RAMSS account does not match the information on the OSAP application, the OSAP assessment will not be correct. A student's OSAP file will not process and funding will not be issued until the information matches. Students are responsible to communicate changes/corrections to their OSAP applicatoin or their RAMSS enrolment information to Student Financial Assistance throughout the academic year. A full list of online change forms is available at:  financial aid forms.

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