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Ask Ryerson Top 10 Questions
e.g., "what programs do you offer?" or "how do i apply?"

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How do I apply?

Step One Apply Online
The application to apply for Fall winter work study approval wil be available on August 24th. Please ensure your student loan application has been processed and that you have enrolled in both Fall and Winter courses. 
Students are advised not to submit an application between the hours of 12 am- 2 am as our server is down for maintenance. This may result in your application not submitting properly. 

Step Two Search
If approved, apply for positions and print a copy of the email approval for your interview(s).  

Step Three Prepare
Print a copy of the emailed approval for your interview(s).

Step Four Review
Once you secure a position, review the commonly FAQ and obligations you have as a work study empoyed student by going here
Bring your career to light - Visit Career Centre