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Associate Professor Dr. Kiaras Gharabaghi

Dr. Kiaras Gharabaghi, Ph.D.(Dalhousie University)

Associate Professor, School of Child and Youth Care
Tel: 416-979-5000, ext. 4812   E-mail:

Kiaras has worked with children, youth and families for over twenty years, during which he held front line and management positions in the Children’s Mental Health, the Child Welfare and the Youth Homelessness sectors in particular.  Kiaras joined the School of Child and Youth Care as Faculty in 2007.  His teaching is focused on professional issues in the discipline, including ethics, boundaries, relationships, exploration of Self as well as the status of the profession itself, unions and professional associations.  Kiaras’ research interests currently relate to youth homelessness and inter-sectoral collaboration and service integration, educational performance of youth in care, residential care, social pedagogy and youth entrepreneurship.  He also maintains an on-going interest in and research about CYC-specific approaches to human resource management, professional development   and organizational structures.

Kiaras is committed to maintaining a global perspective on child and youth care practice, and to this end, he regularly travels and visits service sites related to children and youth facing unique challenges around the world.  Most recently, Kiaras has explored the situation for children and youth and related service contexts in Costa Rica, Spain, Germany and South Africa.

Kiaras is the Editor of Child & Youth Services, an international journal about issues and themes related to vulnerable children and youth around the world.  The journal is owned by Taylor & Francis, one of the largest academic publishers in the world.  The home page of the journal, with instructions for authors as well as subscription information, can be found at  Kiaras is also a regular columnist for the International Child and Youth Care Network.  His columns can be accessed on CYC Net at (click on CYC Online).

In the School of Child and Youth Care at Ryerson University, Kiaras coordinates a peer mentorship and student community building program called CYC Connections.  New and current students are welcome to join in this project, or to simply look out for announcements of upcoming events organized by CYC Connections.  Please see also the link to CYC Connections on the School’s home page (

Recent Publications:
Gharabaghi, K. & Stuart, C.  Right Here, Right Now:  Life Space Intervention with Young People.  Toronto:  Pearson Press, forthcoming in fall 2011.

Gharabaghi, K.  (2010). Professional Issues in Child and Youth Care Practice.  London: Routledge Press.  (for a collection of the chapters in article form, see Child & Youth Services, 30 (3/4), 2009).

Gharabaghi, K. & Phelan, J. (2011).  Beyond control:  Staff perception of accountability for children and youth in residential group care.  Residential Treatment for Children and Youth, 28 (1), 75-90.

Gharabaghi, K. (2011).  A culture of education: Enhancing school performance of youth living in residential group care in Ontario.  Child Welfare, in press.

Gharabaghi, K., Krueger, M. & Scott-Myhre, H. (2011).  Continuing the El Salto discussions: Thoughts about modern, postmodern, and phenomenological child and youth care praxis.  Relational Child and Youth Care Practice, in press.

Gharabaghi, K. (2011).  A CYC approach to management in residential care.  Relational Child and Youth Care Practice, in press.

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