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Getting involved in the Zone

There are many ways to get involved with the SDZ depending on your level of interest and role. Signing up below will have you added to our email distribution list, and we'll follow up with you individually to learn more.

1) As an individual (or team) interested in getting involved  - You do not need to have a great business idea to get started in the zone. In addition to supporting start-up ideas, we also engage in public private partnership. Sign up here if you are interested in learning about some of our programs and ways you can get started.

2) As mentor looking to support student projects and ventures - Innovation and providing students with extracurricular experiences is at the core of our mandate, and we definitely 

3) As an industry partner - Do you have a problem or challenge that you would like to addressed? Perhaps we could meet and discuss how the SDZ can help your company become more innovative with minimal risk for you!