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Connecting mentors to tomorrow's leaders

Mentorship is critical for personal growth and its value cannot be overstated. This collaborative and synergistic relationship underpins discovery and is critical when addressing scientific challenges. Whether you are from the private or public sector our facilitated SDZ programming looks to build strong, mutually rewarding, networks and relationships as you make a positive impact in developing tomorrow's leaders. Learn more about how you can become involved.   

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Our Value Proposition to Mentors

Based on our customer interviews altruistic mentors want to provide more mentorship to young people, but they lack the idealized support structure (time, financial support for activities, space, etc.) to do so.  Our zone assembles and grooms a pool of students with diverse skill sets ranging from medical to material to computer sciences. Through our programming and experiential project-based learning approach, students emerge from our zone with an advanced skill set amenable for entrepreneurship, industry or research. Working with this highly trained group of creative problem-solvers gives mentors access to the brightest minds, and we provide them with the resources they need to mentor more effectively and address truly interdisciplinary challenges.

A spectrum of value propositions

The value in mentorship cannot be overstated

During over 300 hours of consultation this summer, we have interviewed various customer segments, and began to appreciate their needs and developed value propositions for each segment. In this discovery process, it became evident that each of our customer segments really needed each other, so long as synergistic relationships were facilitated.

In order to maintain our customer relationships, we recognize that we must have robust value propositions. We encourage our mentors to become a part of our leadership team and provide feedback about the things that they need most. Below is a summary of synergies that we spotted during our recent consultations.

Synergies and customer segments
Connecting mentors to resources using Zone programming

SDZ Programming is designed to mutually benefit all our customer segments

As part of the Zone mandate, we host regular meetings, workshops and networking sessions designed to educate and connect our customers. Mentor involvement in these opportunities is highly encouraged, because it provides other members with access to your expertise, but also connects you to the HQP that you need to make your projects a reality.

If you would like to see specific programming created, please let us know. We are always interested in pursuing relevant topics and themes that will benefit our mentors.

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Helping to influence a more modern curriculum
At the intersection of mind and action

At the Intersection of Mind and Action

Ryerson prides itself in its polytechnic roots, but fully embraces its current capacity as a research intensive university. With the advent of Zone Learning however, we have positioned ourselves to redefine traditional academic learning, and supplant existing paradigms with more evidence-based innovation & experiential learning.

The dynamic nature of Zone Learning is particularly unique because it allows us to be innovative in the educational opportunities offered at Ryerson while developing the soft skills necessary for our students. Zone students help to design a modern, modular & complimentary learning opportunities that are quickly piloted with the intent of replacing outdated courses. This agile learning strategy leverages student interests and excess capacity, and allows us to create courses that constantly evolving.

With STEM literacy as one of the core pillars of the SDZ our zone can offer a truly unique experience that will help young people validate their ideas and embrace critical thinking & evidence-based innovation. As an industry partner, the SDZ solicits your feedback in this curriculum development, allowing us to train highly qualified personnel (HQP) with the skills needed in the 21rst century workforce (the innovation revolution).