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Connecting industry to impact

Public-private partnerships are essential in the modern innovation ecosystem. The SDZ connects industrial partners with highly skilled student teams ready to engage in problem-based learning. Company-specific problems quickly become student challenges, leading to impactful industry solutions. 



Innovation and solutions
The gears of innovation

Our Value Proposition to Business & Industry

Based on our feedback from business & industry, they want to engage with Colleges & Universities in a sincere, synergistic and meaningful way. We recognize that a value proposition to business and industry should include;

  1. assistance to solve industrially relevant challenges
  2. creative strategies, solutions & products but with minimal financial risk 
  3. access to innovative graduates who understand company specific challenges
  4. to influence curriculum to better reflect the needs of the emerging workforce

To this end, our Zone is designed to address each of these concerns. Leveraging excess capacity within the University, we are able to agilely respond to industry needs with focused solutions.  

Why collaborate/invest with Ryerson?

Peace of Mind at Ryerson

Ryerson University is one of four Universities in Canada (the others are Waterloo, Simon Fraser and Carleton) that does not take a stake in your companies discoveries.  That means intellectual property rests with the inventors! Furthermore, when engaging in publicly-funded public private partnerships (PPPs) (listed in the tab below), Ryerson takes a pragmatic view, and works with companies to ensure their intellectual property is secured.

Having this situation enables truly synergistic and mutually beneficial relationships with industry and the research teams in the Science Discovery Zone (SDZ).

If you have a company-specific problem, then let us help you leverage industrially-relevant public funding, and work towards solving your problem with students who are eager to learn using project-based discovery.

Piece of mind at Ryerson
Financial support to get the collaboration started

Leveraging Public-funding for Public-Private Partnerships

Numerous funding opportunities exist to support academic and industry partnerships across all disciplines, including science, technology and health. These industry-driven projects range from short-term initiatives that focus on solving a single research problem to long-term collaborative programs that foster sustained organizational growth. Tables below highlight some of the support available that your company can leverage with Ryerson partnerships. 


funding to support public private partnerships
Help influence our curriculum
At the intersection of mind and action

At the Intersection of Mind and Action

Ryerson prides itself in its polytechnic roots, but fully embraces it current capacity as a research intensive university. With the advent of Zone Learning however, we have positioned ourselves to redefine traditional academic learning, and supplant existing paradigms with more evidence-based innovation & experiential learning.

The dynamic nature of Zone Learning is particularly unique because it allows us to be innovative in the educational opportunities offered at Ryerson while developing the soft skills necessary for our students. Zone students help to design a modern, modular & complimentary learning opportunities that are quickly piloted with the intent of replacing outdated courses. This agile learning strategy leverages student interests and excess capacity, and allows us to create courses that constantly evolving.

With STEM literacy as one of the core pillars of the SDZ our zone can offer a truly unique experience that will help young people validate their ideas and embrace critical thinking & evidence-based innovation. As an industry partner, the SDZ solicits your feedback in this curriculum development, allowing us to train highly qualified personnel (HQP) with the skills needed in the 21rst century workforce (the innovation revolution).