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Connecting students to discovery

Highly motivated students work collaboratively with mentors & faculty to solve innovative student-driven projects. These experiential learning opportunities help students grow their network and appreciation of science and how it can be applied to solve significant global challenges. If you are looking to discover more than a traditional education, or have an idea about how to make the world a better place, the SDZ is here to help you get started. 


Brainstorming and Ideation

Our Value Proposition to Students & Innovators

We connect students to discovery by supporting extracurricular experiential learning opportunities and providing mentorship to overcome project challenges. This mode of problem-based learning better engages critical thinking and provides students with a collaborative and meaningful learning experience. In addition, our zone embraces failure and seeks to mitigate risk aversion to help facilitate innovation.

Evidence-based Innovation makes it easy for students

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two words that do not always resonate with young people; while some students are drawn to these phrases, others are not; however, most have an appreciation for creativity, discovery and the scientific method. 

Risk averse students typically feel they’re in a “high-stakes” game when discussing entrepreneurship, but Evidence-based innovation uses the scientific method to refine and validate your idea, before taking unnecessary risk - leading to a more thoughtful and successful venture.

Evidence-based innovation process

By simply making a few word adjustments; 

  • Hypothesis; becomes “Value Proposition”
  • Experiment Design; becomes “Defining Customer Segments”
  • Test; becomes “Collect Data from Customer Interviews”
  • Conclusion & Insight; becomes “Pivot”
Mentorship and how we can support your ideas
Our growing areas of expertise

What couldn't benefit from evidence-based design thinking, and robust scientific underpinning?

The Science Discovery Zone (SDZ) is looking to support your innovative ideas in a number of themes. This list is constantly growing, but thus far, we have recruited mentors in a number of thematic areas ranging from the environment to mental wellness; from food & urban agriculture to policy & literacy; and from digital design to business. 

Our interests are constantly evolving and growing with our customers and we welcome your new ideas in any field where evidence-based innovation can make the difference.

Come see for yourself how we can connect you with the science and mentorship needed to convert your good idea into a great one!

Projects in the Zone


KBox brings convenience to packing a lunch by creating a lunch box that actively keeps hot food hot and cold food cold, simultaneously


Microbe Hub

Microbe Hub pursues sustainability through the creation and delivery of educational tools for the development of self-sustaining and successful composting programs


SARA seeks to improve educational outcomes by engaging students with supplementary learning materials through social media



uBioDiscovery approaches human health by bringing personalized medicine to the critically important, but often overlooked gut microbiome


Do you have a new project to propose? Reach out to us!