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uBioDiscovery wants to engage the general population into scientific conversation by providing them with information that affects their daily lives.  Few other fields are more impactful and personal than an individual’s health, and uBiodiscovery wants to empower customers to take charge of it. The company accomplishes this by using next-generation sequencing technology to catalogue the different bacterial populations that make up individual’s gut microbiome. They provide these customers with information about the diversity within their microbiome and lifestyle choices that may help in maintaining a healthy population of bacteria within the gut.

Multiple conditions—including Parkinson’s Disease, mood disorders, gastrointestinal conditions and even autism—have been found to correlate with disturbances in the microbial populations within the digestive system. The gut microbiome can be affected by dietary choices, medications, and other conditions. However, though the gut microbiome plays a significant role in human health, it has only recently become a subject of study or a potential target for treatments. By engaging the general population in scientific curiosity, the company hopes to help advance our understanding of this important aspect of human health.