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Early Childhood Studies

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Course Forms: CLD 161

Listed below are the forms you require for your upcoming field education course. With each form, there is a brief description about its purpose and how to complete it. These forms must be printed. They are then filled in by hand. You are not able to save the forms.

When you are printing any of these forms, please use standard quality paper – white, 8 ” X 11”. Do not print these forms on recycled or coloured paper. These are official documents that get stored in your field education file with the School.

Make sure you bring copies of all these forms to your first seminar with your Faculty Advisor and on your first day of placement.

  • Form #1: Important Names, Phone Numbers & E-Mails PDF
    This form is to be completed and remain at the site with your Field Educator should he or she need to contact someone.
  • Form #2: Field Education Agreement Confirmation PDF
    This form is designed to act like a contract between all those involved in the field education course – Student, Field educator, and Faculty Advisor. Complete this form and attach to the Work Education Agreement (see Form #3). Submit both forms to your Faculty Advisor within two weeks of your placement starting.
  • Form #3: WSIB Student Declaration PDF
    This form is from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. This is a worker’s compensation form that will protect you while you are at your placement. Complete and submit to your Faculty Advisor within two weeks of the placement starting.
  • Form #4: Attendance Record PDF
    Keep track of your days and hours at placement on this form.
  • Form #5: CLD 161 Course Outline PDF 
    The course outline provides you with the course’s description, outcomes, requirements, regulations, assessment and evaluation, and resources.
  • Form #6: CLD 161 Inquiry Based Learning Plan  PDF
  • Form #7: CLD 161 Inquiry Based Learning Plan Guide PDF 
  • Form #8: CLD 161 Course Evaluation PDF 
    The evaluation provides you with the outcomes you are to achieve while at your placement and the tasks or actions that are associated with each outcome. This form has sections to be completed by you, your Field Educator, and your Faculty Advisor.

If you have any questions about any of the above materials, your Faculty Advisor will answer these during seminar. Refer to your timetable for the day, time, and location of your weekly seminars as well as the name of your Faculty Advisor.

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