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Faculty of Community Services

First-year field placement: full-time program

Course: CLD 161 Field Education

Gain first-hand experience in the real world of early learning and child care employment by completing your first-year ECS placement in a setting for children up to age five.

You will better understand the practical aspects of play-based curriculum, promoting child development and ensuring a diverse and inclusive practice. Play a hands-on role in observing, planning and implementing activities for children while building responsive and nurturing relationships with children and their families.

Your first-year field education placement will take place two full days a week for 11 weeks during the winter term.

Note: the prerequisite for this course is CLD 102 and the corequisites are CLD 103 and CLD 212.


You will be evaluated by your field educator at the midterm and at the end of your placement. You will also self-evaluate your own performance at the midterm and at the end of your placement. All evaluations are completed electronically.

To help you prepare, you can check out this sample course evaluation.

Course documents

To participate in this course, you must complete five course forms, listed below, and follow this protocol:

  • complete them by hand (not digitally)
  • print them on white letter-sized paper
  • bring them to your first seminar with your faculty advisor along with the course outline

Course forms

  • Attendance Record This form will remain at your placement site for the duration of your placement.

Non-academic documentation

To participate in this placement course, you must obtain the following forms:

  • Vulnerable Sector Screening form from the police service in the municipality where you permanently reside. If you live permanently in the city of Toronto, pick up your application from the ECS office. If your permanent residence is outside of Toronto, contact your local police service to determine the application process. Must be processed within six months of your placement start date.
  • An immunization form completed by your doctor. Must be processed within six months of your placement start date.

Submit these forms in person to the ECS office (Room KHS-354, Kerr Hall South) by December 8, 2017.

How long are my documents valid?
  • Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS): A new VSS is required for each placement course.
  • Immunization form: A new TB test required for each placement course.
  • Certificate in Standard First Aid and CPR Level C: Two to three years, depending on certifying agency.
  • Ontario Ministry of Labour Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training in 4 Steps:  Valid for the duration of the Early Childhood Studies program.